Camp Lucky Drives Post For Magnolia Series ‘Van Go’

Dallas-based Camp Lucky builds on its collaboration with Magnolia Network providing post production on season two of Van Go. In the series, Austinite and Chewy Design Co. owner Brett Lewis renovates vans into tiny homes on the road, innovating creative solutions and tackling the many challenges that come with custom outfitting each vehicle for his clients’ lifestyles. As it did for the inaugural season, Camp Lucky handled all aspects of post for the series, including editorial, sound design, mix, color correction and delivery to the network for bingeable streaming. 

Here’s a peak at the new season of Van Go…

Lisa Normand, Post Producer of Longform for Camp Lucky explains, “It was exciting to continue our collaboration with the network on this new season, where timing was everything, including the alignment of a van reno reveal with the opening of the surf park. Luckily, our experience and connection in season one meant that we were a well-oiled machine – dare I say a van? – working to bring this show to life.” 

“Brett and his team are the backbone of the show, and in season two we were able to really lean into their personalities and the fun they and their clients have in the process,” adds Supervising Editor Shrader Thomas. “We all had a great time and I think it comes through in the series.”

The show has been embraced for its celebration of joy and creative ideas, not to mention the eye candy of beautifully upgraded vehicles and the people who enjoy them. For Camp Lucky, the show is part of an organic expansion of applying its commitment to craft and creativity to longform entertainment. 

Camp Lucky is a team of experienced artists and producers who create live action production, editorial, design, animation, visual effects, color and audio. They help clients bring stories to audiences on any screen or proverbial campfire to make a lasting impression with integrity, creativity, and quality, but also through our time together. Camp Lucky works with clients in both advertising and entertainment. 

For more on Camp Lucky, visit: https://www.camp-lucky.com/


Network: Magnolia Network

Production Company: Rabbit Foot Studios

Executive Producers: Chad Werner, Will Bakke, Sam Chortek

Post Production: Camp Lucky

Supervising Editor: Shrader Thomas

Post Coordinator: Lisa Normand

Editors: Juan Vargas, Trey Patton, Matthew Fritsche

Color: Neil Anderson

Sound: Matt Cimino

Finish: Tim Nagle

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