New Look, New Space, New Collaborations for Prysm Studios

Prysm Studios took the pandemic as an opportunity for change. While their classic all-in-one business model and streamlined design promoted efficiency, this Chicago-based Production House understood their need for expansion that only accelerated in this time of global uncertainty. Their rebranding began with their website–featuring sleek graphics and a minimalist design–and ended with a new home base in one of the most forward-thinking collaborations on the market. We chatted with Prysm Studios founder Ryan Gilbert about what’s new and exciting as we head into the Summer…

Prysm recently made the decision to grow their physical footprint and join the growing collective of artists within Resolution Studios. This decision was weighed carefully with considerations of how much space is actually necessary in a post-COVID world, when the idea of remote work has become almost commonplace, even in a traditionally collaborative medium such as Post-Production. 

“It’s unlike any other production/post-production environment I’ve seen in Chicago,” Ryan shared with SCREEN. “They’re fully equipped with all the industry leading gear to execute Virtual Productions at the highest level. The people are friendly, and professional. The resources and hardware are state-of-the art. And there’s so much room to grow. The infrastructure is the perfect incubator for a young, nimble company. It’s an all-under-one-roof business model, composed of experienced, veteran industry leaders which allows us to compete at any scale. Also, we throw awesome rooftop parties.”

Ultimately Prysm made the move to expand their operations. Their strategic partnership with Resolution, as well as several other Chicago businesses including their longtime co-collaborators at MK Films, has allowed Prysm access to a number of facilities, including state of the art audio, color, and finishing suites, and a GFX bullpen.

“Without MK, there is no Prysm,” Gilbert declared to SCREEN. “They are world leaders in table top production and whenever we get the opportunity to collaborate with them, it always yields something reel worthy. Everyone involved in that operation is at the top of their game. Additionally, we’re incredibly lucky to be plugged into the growing collective at Resolution Studios. The owners here are dedicated to leading the forefront of technology in the filmmaking world. We, at Prysm, are in a unique position to have world class creatives, and world leading technology at our fingertips. Did I mention we throw fun rooftop parties?”

Let’s take a quick tour of the new digs…

Another key feature of Resolution’s infrastructure are the LED tile walls. These, combined with the motion control tracking system MoSys, has kept them on the forefront of Virtual Production technology and made them one of the only spaces in the Midwest with these capabilities. These changes are the hallmark of a company that looks ahead.

For the latest work from Prysm Studios, click here to enjoy SCREEN’s coverage of their latest spot for Checkers, accompanied by a classic yet epic Salt-N-Pepa track…


What’s Next for Prysm Studios

It’s shaping up to be a busy summer for Prysm and their collaborators. “Most recently, we’re very close to releasing our first feature film,” Gilbert shared with SCREEN. “We’re excited to branch out into other forms of media production and, as we say, make anything for a screen.”

“We’re also in the process of becoming more familiar with real-time 3D software and how that impacts the production world. We’re seeing, more and more, the need for advanced previsualization which introduces the post-production process earlier in the production pipeline. With the emergence of real-time rendering, it’s completely overhauling what’s possible for clients, agencies, and directors. In an industry where technology and software change so rapidly, it’s imperative for us to stay on the forefront of it.”

Gilbert wrapped up our interview joking, “But most importantly of all… rooftop parties.”

To reach out to Prysm Studios and their team, you can click right here.

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