Take a Look at the Latest Addition at Resolution Studios

RESOLUTION STUDIOS announces the opening of THE EAST STAGE, the latest addition to Chicago’s premier production studio, servicing corporate and advertising clients alike. Measuring in at 2800 square feet, the sound-proof stage will feature a 32’ X 40’ cyclorama wall, a 20‘ x 40’ movable light grid, and 200 amp power tie-ins. THE EAST STAGE will also include a broadcast control room, production offices, green rooms and street/dock access for trucking.

Jeff Facklis, RESOLUTION STUDIOS Executive Vice President said “We’re fortunate to still have the footprint to expand. Since the pandemic began our stages have been consistently busy with virtual webcasting and production. To have an additional 2800 square feet to develop is a luxury we’re beyond lucky to have.”

The East Stage at Resolution Studios

Todd Freese SVP/CTO over the Resolution Brands said, “This is a stellar addition to an already incredible toolbox of production resources under one roof. With our main, green and insert stages constantly cranking, an additional state of the art shooting space only solidifies our position as the go-to studio rental choice in Chicago.”

RESOLUTION STUDIOS continues to operate as a multi-stage production hub, with five shooting spaces, a full grip and electric department and in-house production arm DEAR JON including audio, edit, VFX and color suites. RESOLUTION STUDIOS is also the midwest home of Camera Control’s motion control cinema robot, THE BOLT.

To book The East Stage or schedule a tour, click here to visit resolutionstudios.com

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