Five Questions with Tessa Films Director Mercedes Bryce Morgan

What do The Simpsons, Spike Jonze, and a 90’s camcorder have in common? They’re all right here as director Mercedes Bryce Morgan of the talented Tessa Films roster stops by for a thoroughly entertaining round of Five Questions with SCREEN. Let’s get to it!

SCREEN: What is your most prized possession?

DEVON: I still own my childhood 90’s camcorder that I first began making movies with. It inspired me then, and without it I wouldn’t be where I am today. 

SCREEN: Your favorite commercial ever?

MERCEDES: Spike Jonze’s “Kenzo World” is one of my all time favorite commercials. I come from a narrative background, and so the fact that it combines storytelling through a character while also selling the vibe of a brand so seamlessly is genius. It’s emotional while also fresh and unforgettable. 

Let’s take a look at this fave…

SCREEN: What is your greatest fear?

MERCEDES: Sleeping past my alarm and missing call time. Hasn’t happened before and it never will but it’s still my greatest fear. That’s why I always set a minimum of eight alarms. 

SCREEN: Most famous person you’ve ever met?

MERCEDES: I met Matt Groening (creator of The Simpsons) at a friend’s art show before. Never before have I been so starstruck by meeting someone who had such a great influence on my life over the years from childhood to adulthood. 

Let’s salute Matt with an hour of Simpsons highlights for Mercedes and fellow diehards…

SCREEN: What is your favorite restaurant on the planet?

MERCEDES: Niku Nashi Vegan Sushi on Melrose in Los Angeles. Los Angeles is the easiest place to be vegan in the world. I get to eat more cuisines here as a vegan than I ever do traveling to other countries. 

SCREEN: What’s inspiring you today?

MERCEDES: AI integration in filmmaking. I want to learn more about it in order to integrate it into my own work. 

SCREEN: Last but not least… It’s that time of year, so we have to ask: Best Summer Vacation Ever?

MERCEDES: Last year, I was able to travel around the world to different film festivals for the premier of my feature film, “Fixation”. We did a giant trip that took us all the way from India, to Thailand, Japan, and ended in France. Seeing how different audiences around the world reacted to it in a theater is an experience that I’ll never forget. 

Thanks for playing, Mercedes! For more from Mercedes and the talented team at Tessa Films, click right here.

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