Vincent Singleton Announces Next Project

Born in Kankakee, Illinois, Vincent Singleton, an accomplished film director, and professor, is preparing to go into production for his next independent project, SURVIVOR, SOLDIER, SINNER, SAVIOR, targeting a shoot date of this November. The screenplay soon-to-be film originated from the experiences of Vincent’s brother, who is currently serving as a Lieutenant Colonel in the United States Army.

The decorated Lt. Col. Eldridge R. Singleton is a graduate of West Point in New York. He is a recipient of four Bronze Stars and earned Special Forces Green Beret Silver Wings. He was also a special guest at a selective White House dinner with former President Barack Obama.

A Poignant and Personal Story

Lt. Col. Singleton asked Vincent for an over-the-phone lesson on screenwriting. A week after their initial call, he provided his brother with an 84-page script. It detailed the invisible scars of trauma that resurfaced as a military veteran turned high school counselor struggled to save an at-risk youth from an abusive environment, while simultaneously battling his own demons. Although the script is not an autobiography, the story finds a way to methodically include Lt. Col. Singleton’s exposure to war along with his emotional truths.

For a year, the once draft underwent edits by Vincent and his wife, Danielle Singleton. After a few passes between the Singleton team, two credible screenwriting consultants, as well as department heads, the well-written first draft is now a completed screenplay ready for production.

Filming in Kankakee, and the Road Ahead

Chicago is an established city for filmmaking in the State of Illinois, yet it will play a supporting role in SURVIVOR, SOLDIER, SINNER, SAVIOR. The qualified lead in this story is Kankakee, Illinois. The importance of the location is just as meaningful as the core message in the film: mental illnesses transcend societal standing. “Kankakee reflects a vast amount of the American landscape,” Singleton tells SCREEN, “and will serve as an exceptional backdrop to showcase mid-American city life.”

Vincent also has an ardent desire to challenge the minds of viewers by presenting a layered veteran’s toils with a high school student’s pain. Through this production, Vincent’s work will serve as a commissionaire. It will usher audiences into new spaces of the psyche then allow them to begin processing their traumas. By using Kankakee, Illinois, an exceptional backdrop to showcase mid-American city life, in a richly written script, Vincent shows how people’s best intentions can be thwarted by mental illness. The director and his team are ready to further open discourse about the global topic.

Vincent’s brother Lt. Col. Eldridge R. Singleton added, “Films that address mental health have the potential to highlight the need for resiliency systems, programs, and networks that help people who have been affected by trauma find health and success.”

Momentarily, Vincent is seeking individuals, organizations, and foundations to raise the remaining financing necessary to bring this impactful narrative from the vantage point of a service member to the screen. If you would like to become an accredited equity investor, join SURVIVOR, SOLDIER, SINNER, SAVIOR as a crew member, or even view the director’s film reels to determine partnership for future productions, you can do so by visiting his website vincentsingleton.com.

Screen Magazine Correspondent Alexandra M. Hunter is an eloquent voice of the millennial generation – inspiring hope, energizing purpose, actualizing change, and empowering visionaries for success in the entertainment industry. As an actress, she assists experts, students, and leaders to communicate their philosophies through the mediums of stage, radio, and screen. More from Alexandra at alexandramhunter.com

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