Charles Jenkins Teams Up with Agents of Slang

Charles Jenkins’ music video for “God Be Praised” is an awe-inspiring visual spectacle that seamlessly intertwines the power of music, breathtaking cinematography, and the poignant beauty of a historical setting. Under the creative direction of producer Vince Lawrence, the video shines as a testament to innovation and artistic collaboration.

One of the most remarkable aspects of the “God Be Praised” music video is the meticulous attention to detail in its production. Aside from music production duties, Vince Lawrence’s ingenious decision to utilize Agents of Slang’s Mobile Production Vehicle (MPV) demonstrates a commitment to bringing the best possible visual experience to viewers. The MPV undoubtedly played a pivotal role in ensuring that filming took place inside the iconic Greater Harvest Missionary Baptist Church, adding an authentic and spiritually significant ambiance to the video.


featuring Walter Johnson, Elder Eric Thomas


Furthermore, the creative team’s integration of cinematic tools, such as RED cameras and drones of various sizes, showcases their commitment to pushing boundaries and capturing stunning visuals. The use of these high-quality cameras not only enhances the video’s production value but also allows for the detailed and immersive portrayal of the artist’s powerful performance and the grandeur of the church.

Vince Lawrence and Charles Jenkins

The collaboration between Charles Jenkins, Vince Lawrence, and the production crew is evident throughout the video. The synergy between the soul-stirring lyrics and the visual storytelling is harmoniously synchronized, evoking a strong emotional connection with the audience. The visuals beautifully complement the uplifting message of the song, conveying a profound sense of hope, gratitude, and reverence.

From the moment the music video begins, viewers are captivated by the breathtaking shots that capture the grandeur of the church’s architecture. The aerial shots captured by the drones add a dynamic perspective, further immersing us in the sacred surroundings. Every frame is meticulously composed, showcasing the team’s commitment to visual storytelling and creating a cinematic experience that is both visually stunning and emotionally resonant.

Charles Jenkins’ “God Be Praised” music video, produced by Vince Lawrence and the talented crew, is an exceptional piece of artistry that not only showcases the artist’s immense talent but also highlights the remarkable vision and creativity of all those involved. It stands as a testament to the power of collaboration, pushing creative boundaries, and delivering an uplifting and inspiring visual experience to audiences worldwide. The song has been a hit at Gospel radio amongst program directors with the video garnering nearly 250k views in a few short weeks. On Facebook the song has been shared nearly 4,000 times.

To experience the breathtaking visuals and soul-stirring performance of Charles Jenkins’ “God Be Praised” music video, click here


Charles Jenkins is a renowned gospel musician, songwriter, and pastor who has made a significant impact on the contemporary gospel music scene. He gained widespread recognition with his chart-topping hit single, “Awesome,” in 2012, which spent over 100 weeks on the Billboard Gospel Airplay chart. Renowned for his soulful vocals and empowering lyrics, Charles continued to release inspiring music that resonates with listeners. Collectively, he has garnered 18 Billboard number 1’s and has received 10 BMI top songwriter awards. In addition to his musical achievements, Charles has also made notable contributions to the television landscape. He had the opportunity to showcase his talents on NBC’s “Praise Party,” a television special that aired on the network. The show was produced by acclaimed producer Will Packer, known for his successful film and television projects such as “Girls Trip,” “Ride Along,” and “Think Like a Man.” Collaborating with Will Packer on “Praise Party” allowed Charles Jenkins to further expand his reach and share his uplifting music with a wider audience. The inclusion of Jenkins in this project speaks to his growing influence and recognition in the entertainment industry. Charles’ musical talents for commercials and film are exclusively available through Slang MusicGroup, reach out via info@slangmusicgroup.com.


Agents of Slang is a creative driven, brand support team, Engaged by Charles as Creative Director for various projects. AOS serves as the production company for the “God Be Praised” music video, is known for its expertise in creating cutting-edge visual content. Their utilization of their Mobile Production Vehicle (MPV) which includes advanced cinematic tools like RED cameras and drones of various sizes speaks to their commitment to delivering high-quality visuals and immersive storytelling. To learn more, click here.


Vince Lawrence, the creative producer behind the “God Be Praised” music video, is a multifaceted artist, producer of both music and film, and entrepreneur. He has an extensive background in the music industry, having worked with numerous notable artists throughout his career. Lawrence is recognized as one of the pioneers of house music, particularly in Chicago, and is credited with founding the influential label Slang MusicGroup. As a visionary producer, Lawrence has consistently demonstrated his ability to infuse creativity and innovation into his projects, pushing artistic boundaries musically and delivering impactful visual experiences.


Director / Cinematographer / Drones: Paul Christopher Greene for Agents of Slang
Producer: Charles Jenkins
Executive Producer: Vince Lawrence
Creative Director: Vince Lawrence
2nd Camera / Drones: Francis Dominise
Edit / Color: Charles Jenkins, Haley Shumpert
Color: Haley Shumpert
Choreography: Princess Jenkins

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