Leo Burnett’s Annie Sandford Answers Five Questions with SCREEN

What do Paul Rudd, Martha’s Vineyard, and the Duchess of York have in common? Leo Burnett Copywriter Annie Sandford answers Five Questions with SCREEN…

SCREEN: What has been your favorite “stay-at-home” activity over the past few weeks?

ANNIE: Taking live virtual yoga classes has saved me during this time.

SCREEN: Most famous person you’ve ever met?

ANNIE: When I was younger I was in a PSA with Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York. She shook my hand. I was thrilled.

SCREEN: Best summer vacation ever?

ANNIE: Martha’s Vineyard. My grandma lived there when I was a child, so it’s full of memories. A couple of summers ago my family finally took a trip back to the island. Cut to lobster rolls, ice cream cones, beach reading, nature walks, even an old-timey tabernacle sing-along. Also, we happened to be there the same weekend as President Obama and his family and the island was buzzing with patriotic ardor.

SCREEN: Worst job ever?

ANNIE: Micro-dent removal specialist at a car dealership. Did you know there are micro-dents in your car? Neither do most people. And they don’t care.

SCREEN: What’s inspiring you today?

ANNIE: My sister. She is a dancer living in NYC and runs her own fledgling dance company, Copy That Dance (click here to find em). This crisis has devastated the arts community, but she hasn’t stopped producing, rehearsing, organizing. Her pieces are deeply personal yet emotionally universal, and always funny and playful – exactly what we need now.


SCREEN: What’s that TV show you’re a little embarrassed to admit you love to watch?

ANNIE: The Bachelor. I know – cringe. But it has hooked millions of viewers across every socio-economic group, was among the first successful reality shows still relevant today, figured out a way to produce both compelling storylines and characters, and birthed four spin-offs. It’s a valuable study in modern entertainment. Also, nearly every episode includes a shirtless man. So.

SCREEN: If you could play any superhero in a major motion picture, who would it be?

ANNIE: I’m not a superhero fan, but I am a Paul Rudd fan. I’d love to be the Wasp to his Ant Man. He is a national treasure – the Tom Hanks of comedy. And the man does not seem to age.

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