Director Justin Casselle Answers Five Questions with SCREEN

What do Better Call Saul, Kawhi Leonard, and the best pie ever have in common? They’re all right here as director Justin Casselle stops by for a thoroughly entertaining round of Five Questions with SCREEN. Justin began his career as a producer for FCB and DDB Chicago before leaping to the director’s chair. Justin’s directorial success has included helming the milestone campaign for Pearl Milling Company, the brand that was Aunt Jemima for more than a century. Ready for Five Q’s? Let’s get to it!

SCREEN: All right, Justin, we know you spent quite a bit of your career in Chicago so we have to ask… what is your favorite restaurant in Chicago?

JUSTIN: Oh man, this is a huge question. I was in Chicago recently and I had to go to my favorite neighborhood haunt, Spinning J. You can’t go wrong with their quiches or pies to be honest.

Speaking of pies, here’s look at one of the divine delights from the local bistro…

SCREEN: Best advice you’ve ever been given?

JUSTIN: If you’re scared, do it scared. 

SCREEN: Your favorite commercial ever?

JUSTIN: “The Kawhi Question.” I like it because it takes a topic a lot of young boys are interested in and inverts the location of the debate: from the playground to a debate stage. The energy, the syntax, the dynamism all remain but if we flip the “where” we get a whole new perspective on an age old debate.

Let’s take a look at this superb spot… 

SCREEN: What is your most prized possession?

JUSTIN: Probably my Jordan 11s Retro Playoff Breds.

SCREEN: Most famous person you’ve ever met?

JUSTIN: Bob Odenkirk! Big fan (Better Call Saul, anyone?). I was in the greenroom while my friend was prepping to go up at a comedy show and he came in to just say a few words to her prior! She introduced me and we had a chance to shop it up a bit. Little does he know, but we’re best friends now.

Here’s a fun clip of Mr. Odenkirk chatting with Stephen Colbert about his final scene of Better Caul Saul


SCREEN: What is your greatest fear?

JUSTIN: Focusing too much on the outcome of my career and missing the everyday moments of joy in my personal life. That and being framed for murder. 

SCREEN: What’s that TV show you’re a little embarrassed to admit you love to watch?

JUSTIN: I am firmly in the camp of “there are no guilty pleasures” because if you like something, you like something! I don’t think there’s one TV people who know me would be surprised to learn I watch, but perhaps they’d be surprised to learn that I love watching KDramas. So soapy, so many twists, to many turns, a whole new format to crafting television. Big fan. 

All right, Justin, sounds good! This KDrama list is just what you (and all of us) need!

Thanks for playing, Justin! Check back here at SCREEN for new rounds of Five Questions with SCREEN, plus the latest news from the advertising community between the coasts. You can also click right here to subscribe to our weekly email newsletter.

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