Your First Look at Chicago-Made Pilot ‘Refresh’ from Writer Joe Klos

There is a new independent sci-fi series in the works, and SCREEN has your first look at the pilot, plus a chat with the creator. Creator Joe Klos and director Ashley Ephraim shot Refresh all throughout 2021 in the Chicagoland area and surrounding suburbs. 

Refresh is a sci-fi thriller set in a world where an establishment is focused on fixing failing relationships. After Agent Comisky’s last assignment doesn’t go as planned, he starts to question his place in Refresh. Questions that may put his life in danger.

Here is your first look at Refresh

“The central character is Agent Comisky,” creator Joe Klos explained to SCREEN. “He is the top agent at Refresh, always on top of everything and getting the job done. However, this last assignment brought up some painful memories and he’s beginning to question the business and his place in it.”

“What has made this project so fulfilling is watching it come together from something I wrote on paper to now TV screens,” Klos shared with SCREEN. “Very proud of all the hard work everyone put in.”

Speaking of that hard work, here are some exclusive behind-the-scenes photos from the pilot shoot…

Saluting the Cast and Crew

Creator Joe Klos and Director Ashley Ephraim assembled a talented team to support them in front of and behind the camera. David Bianco headlines the cast in the lead role of “Comisky,” with Dannon Everett, Casey Freund, Asia Clarke, Rachel Bonarek, Bridget Olejniczak, Jennifer Fiorito Ruiz, Phillip Bak, Angeline Paull and Harley Quinn Klos rounding out the cast.

Behind the camera were Producers Jennifer Fiorito Ruiz and Jenny Klos, Location Manager Jessica Rico, Set Photographer Francesca Lolli, with Gary Witthoeft handling the score. Director Ashley Ephraim also edited and shot the pilot screenplay written by series creator Joe Klos.

The Road Ahead

Klos hopes to be filming new episodes of Refresh by the start of 2023. He plans to film in the Chicagoland area and surrounding suburbs once again when that time comes. Until then, “Our main goal is to get the pilot out there for others to see and go from there,” Klos explained to SCREEN.

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