When a Tornado Hits Your Film Set… David Cross Talks THE DARK DIVIDE

Ever had a tornado hit your film set and crush your production van? Well, that is one of several remarkable stories from the making of the new critically acclaimed indie feature THE DARK DIVIDE, starring David Cross and Debra Messing. SCREEN’s Joanna Kay chatted with Cross and his director Tom Putnam about a wild shoot in the wilderness, and much more.

First things first, here’s a one minute clip about that tornado that turned the entire production upside down:

And now on to the full interview Joanna Kay had with star David Cross and director Tom Putnam about this enthralling film.

With the news dominated by stories of wildfires blazing in the Northwest, costing lives and destroying towns, the new movie THE DARK DIVIDE offers a look back at a less devastating time in the Northwest wilderness. A shy butterfly expert (David Cross) embarks on a dangerous, life-changing trek through one of America’s greatest unprotected wildlands at the urging of his dying wife (Debra Messing). The film is available now in select theaters and virtual cinemas.

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