First-Ever Taiwan Pride Film Festival at Chicago’s CineCity Studios June 29

The inaugural Taiwan Pride Film Festival will be held June 29th in Chicago, it was announced today by festival producers Zatori Films and the Taipei Economic & Cultural Office. This year’s program features shorts and feature presentations to be screened at CineCity Studios (2429 W. 14th St.), showcasing the rich diversity of Taiwan’s film industry while celebrating LGBTQ+ visibility and pride. Tickets and the program schedule are available online at www.taiwanpridefilmfestival.com

“Taiwan has a history of leading on civil rights issues, and was the first Asian country to legalize same-sex marriage,” said Taiwan Pride Film Festival organizer Bart Moy. “The Taiwan Pride Film Festival honors and celebrates that commitment to equal rights, while also giving Chicago audiences an opportunity to experience the incredible filmmaking coming out of the country.”

The Taiwan Pride Film Festival will present three features and an award-winning short film at its inaugural event:


Dir. Zhang Hong-Jie

Documentary feature

Chi Chia-wei used to give away condoms during the 80s while dressing as Snow White, Jesus, or the Mummy. His activism received attention from the media and suffered discrimination from the general public. As a volunteer striving to make more people understand AIDS, he organized a press conference at which he came out, becoming the first person in Taiwan to do it. In 2017, a constitutional ruling made him a hero in the gay community. A 30-year struggle seemed to reach its final destination or a new starting point.


Dir. Blue Lan

Narrative feature

In 1994, three troublesome students navigate forbidden love and evolving friendships at a strict cram school. Their lives take a transformative turn when they meet an unconventional English teacher.


Dir. Zero Chou

Narrative feature

Androgynous Phoenix Du, the illicit daughter of a presidential candidate, kills the thug who breaks into her apartment to silence her. She comes before prosecutor Jade Liu, guilt-ridden from the suicide of her brother and her strict Catholic upbringing. Before demanding Phoenix’s three-and-a-half years sentence for manslaughter, Jade has a night of passion with her that redirects both their lives. Phoenix writes her hundreds of letters and begs her to wait for her release. In fear of her own desire, Jade marries Meng Ye, the genderless young man she saved from prison who reminds her of her brother…


Dir. Erich Rettstadt 

Short Film

Jojo, a 10-year-old boy grappling with his gender identity, forms an unlikely friendship with Tank Fairy, a mythical creature who encourages him to embrace his true self without reservation.

The inaugural Taiwan Pride Film Festival takes place Saturday June 29, 2024 at CineCity Studios, 2429 W. 14th St. in Chicago. Tickets are $10 for the full day program during the early-bird window until June 26, and are $15 thereafter; VIP tickets available for $50, and include two drinks and hors d’oeuvres. For more information, please visit www.taiwanpridefilmfestival.com

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