‘Power Book IV: Force’ Star Phil Donlon Answers Five Questions with SCREEN

The highly anticipated Starz series Power Book IV: Force premieres Sunday, February 6th, and one of the stars of the show is here to tell us all about it. Force follows the popular character of “Tommy” from the original Power series, played by Chicagoan Joseph Sikora. But there’s another Chicago guy joining the cast of this new show, and that is Phil Donlon. Phil threw down for a round of Five Questions with SCREEN, and you’re gonna love it. Let’s get to it.

SCREEN: All right, Phil, introduce us to your character in Force…

Phil (center) plays Simon McDougal on Power Book IV: Force (Photo: Eif Rivera)

PHIL: Simon McDougal is the “muscle” for The Flynn family, a northside Irish (Godfather type) drug dealing family headed by Walter Flynn (played by Tommy Flanagan of Sons of Anarchy fame).  Sy kicks ass and takes names and is also the childhood friend of Vic Flynn (played by Shane Harper).  He protects Vic at any cost.  Simon also really hates Tommy.

SCREEN: What was your favorite moment from filming the show?

PHIL: I’d have to say my fight scene with Joe Sikora, which you’ll see in the first episode. He’s been one of my best pals for 25 years, and he’s also my writing partner. We did our own stunts for that scene and we also choreographed it too. It was a very special moment. I earned a new respect for stuntmen when I woke up the next morning… holy hell did my body hurt.

[Editor’s note: Phil graciously shared some pics from the New York Premiere of Force earlier this month, enjoy!]

SCREEN: You’re a Chicago guy so we gotta ask… one and only meal, any restaurant in Chicago, anything you want… where are you heading and what are you ordering?

Wise choice, sir: Phil is all about the linguini and clams at the classic La Scarola in Chicago’s River West hood (Photo: Citysearch)

PHIL: A very hard one. But: La Scarola. Sausage and Peppers to start. Then Linguini and Clams, white sauce. Then for dessert I go to Richard’s.

SCREEN: If you could only be a fan of one sports team, which would you choose?

PHIL: The Chicago White Sox. I have no choice, I was born into it.

SCREEN: Celebrity crush?

PHIL: Paul Newman. Male or Female you cannot deny this man’s power. Obviously, there’s his eyes. I mean… nothing more to say on that. But he made an amazing transition from young heartthrob to one of the aristocrats of his profession. In The Verdict, Newman gives one of the finest on screen performances I think I’ve ever seen. And a graceful actor, who carried that into his personal life with his charity work.

[Editor’s Note: here’s a joyous jaunt through the Top 10 Paul Newman Movies of all time…]


SCREEN: Worst job ever?

PHIL: Salad bar at Wendy’s.

SCREEN: What will viewers love about/connect with in the new series Power Book IV: Force?

PHIL: The audience will get a chance to really get inside the head of the character Tommy.  The storylines are a fresh break from the original Power series.  The city of Chicago also plays a big character in this, and I have not seen a series since Crime Story do that.

SCREEN: Your go-to karaoke song?

PHIL: The Humpty Dance by Digital Underground. I think I’m tone deaf, I honestly can’t carry a tune.  But, I can do a spot on impersonation of Shock G… few drinks and I’ll bring the house down.  

SCREEN: Last but not least… Who wins in a boxing match between Phil Donlon and Joseph Sikora?

PHIL: You’ll have to watch the Premiere of Force on Feb 6 to find out!

As Phil said, Power Book IV: Force premieres Sunday, February 6th. Click here to stream full episodes on Starz.

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