Energy BBDO's New Avocado Super Bowl Spot

Energy BBDO's New Avocado Super Bowl Spot

Again this year, Energy BBDO crafted a spot showcasing the preciousness of avocados for the Super Bowl and client Avocados From Mexico.

Avocados are "Always Worth It" in the Big Game ad titled "The Avocados From Mexico Shopping Network" which showcases just how truly precious avocados are to people. The brand's :30 second spot will air during the second quarter of the Big Game on February 2, 2020, celebrating the national avocado obsession.

For the second year in row, Avocados From Mexico partnered with Chicago-based advertising agency Energy BBDO for the creative strategy and production of the Big Game ad. Havas Media is managing the media buy and execution of the spot. Dallas-based Richards/Lerma is leading digital creative and social media strategy, while NYC-based Padilla is managing public relations for the first time.

"This year's ad really brings to life how much people value Avocados From Mexico in a way that is entertaining to fans everywhere," said Alvaro Luque, President of Avocados From Mexico. "The Big Game is one of the greatest avocado consumption days of the year and Avocados From Mexico are always worth having at a Big Game party. We hope fans enjoy some guacamole and chips while watching our Big Game ad."

This year's ad follows five years of showcasing Avocados From Mexico's versatility, seasonality, and nutritional benefits (source of good fats, as well as nearly 20 vitamins and minerals), through humorous and lighthearted ads, all reinforcing that avocados are Always Worth It. This is true for the Big Game, too: a recent poll found that nearly half (48 percent) of Americans have judged a Big Game party host for not having guacamole.


This year's ad is an entertaining spin-off of popular infomercials, starring Molly Ringwald as a co-host who provides viewers with the ultimate gifts to pamper their favorite fruit, the avocado. From chip floaties to tracksuits and car seats, your most precious avocados are sure to be protected and pampered.

"I am excited to be part of Avocados From Mexico's Big Game ad this year which shows just how truly precious avocados are to people," said Ringwald. "I've had so many incredible opportunities and successes throughout my career but being in a Big Game ad with Avocados From Mexico is just a whole other level of excitement. I hope people love this funny, entertaining ad as much as I've loved filming it."