‘Kingdom Reign Vol. 1’ Premiere at the Show Place Icon Theatre in Chicago on April 28th

This Blue Carpet Premiere of the film “Kingdom Reign Vol. 1,” starring Theron G. Johnson, John Canada Terrell, Angela Coates, Flojo, Walter Parker & Chicago’s own Tamera Fair, will take place on April 28th, 2024. The festivities begin at 6 pm CT and are held at the Show Place Icon Theater, 1011 S Delano Ct., Chicago, IL.

Enjoy this Black-Tie Affair, which allows you to walk the Blue Carpet and take pictures with friends and family.  The cast will be in attendance, and guests will have an exclusive look at the film.  Afterward, there will be a Q&A and a reception with the cast and crew.  Tickets can be purchased online at Brown Paper Tickets.  

Set amidst the crack epidemic of the 1980s, the narrative delves into themes of betrayal and legacy as a former Marine is forced to inherit a drug empire his father built. Hollywood veteran John Canada Terrell is also a co-star in the film. The film introduces a range of characters, mainly a love interest portrayed by actress Angela Coates, tasked by the DEA to infiltrate, only to find herself in perilous depths. “Kingdom Reign” is directed by award-winning Joshua Coates. His most recent work, “Ageless Love,” was a contender for the 2022 Oscars and Golden Globes.  Following this grand premiere, the film will hit theaters in select cities and will also be available for streaming this summer.

You can follow the @Kingdom_Reign_Movie Instagram page for updates.

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