Your First Look at Comedy Pilot ‘I Didn’t Mean to Go Mental,’ Led by Carly Glenn and Amy McIntyre

The trailer premiere is here for a brand-new Chicago-made pilot. Right before the world shut down in March of 2020, Carly Glenn was Amy McIntyre’s associate at McIntyre’s company, Beeline Reps. When their working relationship ended due to the Covid-19 pandemic, their creative partnership began. They developed a TV show together. Here is your first look at I Didn’t Mean to Go Mental.

“I am definitely having imposter syndrome,” Co-creator Carly Glenn shared with SCREEN. “I just can’t believe we did it. We are pumped to share this with the world, and I am personally excited to share something beautiful that came out of some hard years of my own mental health struggles.”

And on that note, here is the brand-new trailer for I Didn’t Mean to Go Mental

A Closer Look at the Pilot

I Didn’t Mean To Go Mental, written by Glenn and co-created with McIntyre, filmed in Chicago in June. This unlikely story of two women, a 27 year old just off her dad’s insurance and a working mom, who crash their cars into each other in a school parking lot and forced to spend a weekend together in a psychiatric ward, is inspired by the very different lives of Glenn and McIntyre. “It’s honestly just a very heightened version of some of the things we experience individually,” McIntyre says, “and it’s such a lovely, unlikely friendship that Carly and I just felt we had to put it in a script.” 

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Meet the Cast and Crew

Layne Marie Williams directed the pilot

Almost Pi Productions has brought in a dream team with Layne Marie Williams (Zen Room, Christmas Pitch) directing the pilot. “I signed onto this project immediately,” says Williams. “This story is an opportunity to tenderly examine the significance of mental health through the perspectives of two vastly different women.” The pilot’s key crew also includes cinematographer Gianna Aquilina (The Girl Inside, White People Money), producers Grace Hahn and Aimy Tien, and UPM and producer Ashton Swinford (Wizdom).

Also bringing Glenn and McIntyre’s script to life are the amazing actors. The cast is made up of talented Chicago actors, some of which include Mickey O’Sullivan (Chicago PD, The Chi), Katie Maringer (Don’t Log Off, Young People), Kroydell Galima (Chicago Med, The Chi), Breon Arzell (Southside), Antoine McKay (Southside, Empire), The Pierce Twins, and Kimberly Michelle Vaughn (Empire, Hot Date).

What’s Next for the Pilot

Carly Glenn is co-creator of I Didn’t Mean to Go Mental

With the pilot wrapping up post-production, Glenn and McIntyre will dedicate 2023 to pitching the pilot to networks, navigating through the festival circuit, and bringing this promising project to series.

“This Chicago cast and crew is so talented, and the pilot reflects just how much chemistry we all had on set,” McIntyre shared with SCREEN. “We are confident we will find the perfect home for IDMTGM.”

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