Whitehouse Post Welcomes Editor Tiffany Taveras to Their Esteemed Roster

Tiffany Taveras doesn’t just edit; she crafts stories with meaning and intention that resonate across high-profile brands, music videos, and film. Executive Producer Ryan Smith expressed his enthusiasm saying, “I am beyond thrilled to add Tiffany to our roster. Her natural talent for storytelling and immaculate attention to detail make her one to watch, and she is an absolute joy to be around. Her love for the craft is contagious. I’m so excited about her future!”

Her journey unfolded in Austin, Texas, where Taveras honed her skills in creative editing and color grading. In 2021, she made a pivotal move to New York City to join Whitehouse Post, swiftly establishing herself as a creative force. “I always kept an eye on Whitehouse Post because they were among the best. They excel in pushing artistic boundaries and fostering true collaboration. What I particularly appreciate is Whitehouse’s emphasis on director relationships—a team effort to breathe life into an edit. The ebb and flow of collaboration is really fun for me.”  

Truly thoughtful about all aspects of the industry, Taveras aims to create art that not only captivates but also educates and inspires. “As a passionate storyteller, my experience collaborating with industry leaders has allowed me to contribute to impactful projects.” Taveras’ collaborations extend to top brands such as Chevy, Coca-Cola, Modelo, Marvel, and DoorDash, working closely with esteemed agencies, including Townhouse, Saatchi NY, Havas, Dentsu, and R/GA.

Here is a look at the Coca-Cola spot…

In addition to her commercial work, Taveras has a strong passion for film, with documentaries and films showcased at festivals worldwide, earning Grand Prizes at the Rhode Island International Film Festival and Lone Star Film Festival.

Dedicated to promoting inclusivity and diversity in advertising, particularly in post-production, Taveras actively contributes to industry evolution and creating spaces for diverse voices to thrive. This commitment shines through in her latest documentary, ‘The Solace of Sisterhood,’ a poetic narrative about the New Orleans motorcycle club, The Caramel Curves. Taveras emphasizes, “These women redefine the rules of the road, demonstrating that strength and femininity can coexist in a perfect balance, creating a powerful force of inspiration.” Committed to inspiring emerging talent, Taveras serves as a mentor and shared her insights at events like E4 Youth’s ‘Creative Pathways’ and SheMadeIt, a workshop empowering women and non-binary individuals of color in the directorial creative space. “Being a supportive mentor holds deep significance for me. I’m passionate about guiding emerging editors to exceed expectations and elevate their art.”

Enjoy Tiffany’s work on the following Modelo spot…


Whitehouse Partner/ Editor Adam Marshall saw something notable in Tiffany soon after her arrival.  “Within a few months of working with Tiffany there was no doubt in my mind that she had the talent to be an editor at Whitehouse.  I look forward to watching her career continue to grow and know she will do great things.”

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