Tyshun Wardlaw Shines Light on the Black Youth Experience in Growing Up Milwaukee, Now on HBO Max

You need to know who Tyshun Wardlaw is. Born and raised in Wisconsin, Tyshun Wardlaw has shined an unforgettable light on the Black youth experience in Milwaukee, and HBO MAX has launched the story onto the national spotlight.

In Wardlaw’s documentary, GROWING UP MILWAUKEE, Three Black youth grapple with the daily experiences of growing up in the heart of Milwaukee, while fighting to avoid becoming just another statistic. Stark, yet hopeful, it’s an essential viewing for all to see through the eyes of these young folks and build empathy around their singular, yet all too familiar, experiences.  

The feature length documentary is now streaming on HBO MAX, and Screen Magazine Correspondent and Chicago filmmaker Mary Munez has an exclusive interview for you with the film’s inspiring director, Tyshun Wardlaw…

Click here to watch GROWING UP MILWAUKEE on HBO MAX today.

Beyond the Doc…

Tyshun Wardlaw is the owner of Wardlaw Productions. Wardlaw Productions is a boutique independent film and television production company located in the Midwest, with an office in Milwaukee and Chicago. They create and produce independent/studio feature films, documentaries, television projects, and branded storytelling. After graduating from Santa Clara University with a B.A. in Business, Wardlaw relocated back to the Midwest and then earned a Master’s degree in Business Management. She started her career in news broadcasting in production and producing for a CBS and ABC affiliate and then transitioned into production for daytime talk for the Jeff Probst Show and Steve Harvey Show. She had over 10 years of broadcasting and television experience before starting her own production company.  

Check back here at Screen Magazine for more outstanding documentary filmmaking between the coasts, and once again, click here to watch GROWING UP MILWAUKEE now.

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