The One Late Show You Cannot Miss

Amid the sea of late night fare, there is one show, one night only, that you cannot miss. This Saturday, April 17 at 8 p.m. Central, the intersectional Late Show #OTVTonight is back with another magical premiere to kick off OTV ‘s sixth cycle of programming. Hosted by OpenTV Founders Elijah McKinnon and Dr. Aymar Jean Christian tap in as they lead viewers on a journey exploring the ART OF TV through dynamic conversations, experimental activations, intergalactic performances and more.

Click here to RSVP for OTVTonight, and here is a quick preview of the Saturday show…

Fatimah Asghar of OTV’s Brown Girls

This tender evening includes interviews with artists Zackary Drucker (OTV’s Southern for Pussy, HBO’s The Lady and the Dale ) and Fatimah Asghar (OTV’s Brown Girls, One World’s If They Come For Us); a first look at programs coming to OTV with Jenna Anast (pictured in thumbnail above); and authentically curated performances by E’mon Lauren, Chicago’s first Youth Poet Laureate and teaching artist, and KAINA, Chicago’s very own singer-songwriter on the rise. For the fourth year in a row, the event will be co-hosted by the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, an institution also on a journey toward accountability and healing.

Boarding begins April 17th at 8pm CST. Prepare to be transported to another frequency filled with intention. Alert the pod and plan your snacks! OTV is warming the world wide web with higher vibrations, guaranteed.

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