The Midwest’s Newest Film Office Director: Gary Camarano

Last updated: July 8, 2021

You may not have met Gary Camarano yet, but you should. The newest film office in the Midwest is the Northwest Illinois Film Office, and the person at the helm is Gary Camarano. A wealth of untapped resources, filming locations, and, frankly, professionals that are excited to bring feature film and television production to the Northwest Illinois region.

The following Screen Magazine interview with Gary Camarano took place right at the end of last summer, while production was at a bit of a standstill, but now, with Illinois reopening and film and television production in full swing, it’s the perfect to bring you this interview with Gary. Enjoy!

The purpose of the Northwest Illinois Film Office is to promote the Northwest Illinois Region through the development of film, video, and multimedia production; acting as liaison between local governments and communities with production entities by educating, setting standards of professionalism; serving as a clearinghouse for production information; and proportionally increasing the economic impact of the industry throughout the region.

To reach out to Northwest Illinois Film Office Director Gary Camarano and his team, visit filmnwillinois.com

Credits: Gary Camarano Interview by Mary Munez, Filmed and Edited by Ron Morris.

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