The Latest on CW’s The 4400 Reboot in Chicago: Shoot Dates, Cast Additions

The new CW series The 4400 has landed in Chicago and there is news to share. Filming for the CW’s reimagining of the 2004 USA Network sci-fi drama series is expected to get underway next week. Sources tell SCREEN the first episode will film from June 7 through the 24th. Following a brief break, filming for the rest of the season will start back up on or near July 26 and will continue throughout the rest of the year, wrapping on or near December 7th.

THE 4400 Showrunner Ariana Jackson

The 4400 is expected to headline the CW’s 2021-2022 schedule. The reboot is developed by Lethal Weapon and Riverdale Producer Ariana Jackson (pictured here), who serves as series showrunner and executive producer. Sunil Nayar, Anna Fricke and Laura Terry also produce under their Pursued by a Bear banner.

In the CW’s new iteration of this tale, 4400 overlooked, undervalued or otherwise marginalized people who vanished without a trace over the last hundred years are all returned in an instant, having not aged a day and with no memory of what happened to them. As the government races to analyze the potential threat and contain the story, the 4400 themselves must grapple with the fact that they’ve been returned with a few…upgrades, and the increasing likelihood that they were all brought back for a specific reason.

The Latest Additions to the Cast of THE 4400

TL Thompson (Straight White Men), Cory Jeacoma (Power Book II: Ghost), Ireon Roach (School Girls; or the African Mean Girls Play), Derrick A. King (Call Your Mother) and newcomer Autumn Best are set as series regulars in 4400 (formerly known as The 4400), the CW’s reimagining of the 2004 USA Network sci-fi drama series.

(L-R) TL Thompson, Cory Jeacoma, Ireon Roach, Derrick A. King and Autumn Best; Credits: Jody Christopherson/Ugly AF Media/Russell Baer/Joey Mercado/Margie Temme Photography

Thompson will play Dr. Andre, a transgender male and doctor from 1920s Harlem. He uses his skills to help treat the 4400 and while it takes him a while to adjust to 2021, he catches on quickly that the 4400 may be perceived as a threat.

Jeacoma will portray Logan, a loving and supportive husband and new father whose wife, Shanice, suddenly goes missing in 2005. Left to raise their daughter alone, he is shocked when Shanice returns after 16 years — without having aged a day.

Roach will play Keisha, a by-the-book parole officer who is called in as part of the government response to the 4400. Due to personal past tragedy, she is worried about the dangers these people could pose to society at large.

King will portray Rev Johnson, raised in a powerful and affluent church family and who disappeared in the 1990s. While he is a man of true faith and compassion, he is accustomed to the power and clout afforded his position. He will emerge as a natural leader among the 4400.

The CW released the following preview poster earlier this week

Best will play Mildred, a smart and observant teenager from the 1970s who has no idea how she got to 2021 Detroit. But she quickly finds a couple allies among the 4400 and seems surprisingly content to have left her past life behind.

They join previously announced cast Joseph David-Jones and Khailah Johnson. David-Jones, who was previously cast and announced as the role of Rev. Johnson, has been moved to the role of Jharrel.

As The 4400 forges ahead into production this month, check back here at SCREEN for updates on shooting dates, locations, cast additions, local production team, release dates, and more.

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