The Colonie Welcomes Up-and-coming Editors Addy Bieniarz and Giorgia Harvey

The Colonie is thrilled to announce the addition of two up-and-coming editors, Addy Bieniarz and Giorgia Harvey to their talent roster.

“The creative energy, talent, and fresh perspectives Addy and Giorgia bring to our team has been inspiring.” says partner and editor Bob Ackerman, “I think both are well on their way to becoming cornerstones in the post production industry.”

Meet Abby Bieniarz

Bieniarz has been editing for five years and has already established a roster of diverse ongoing projects. For The Village of Rosemont, she collaborates with local businesses to market new stores, restaurants, and events in a monthly web series. She has also partnered with Up High where she edits social media videos for their comedian clientele. At The Colonie, Bieniarz has worked closely with editor Bob Ackerman on a wide array of projects. Most notably, Bieniarz had the opportunity to edit one of the commercials for Bread Financial’s NFL spot, “Super Bowl.”

“What excites me most about editing is experimenting with what the story can be.” says Bieniarz, “I love finding magical moments that can evoke emotion but do so in ways that seem relevant.”

Bieniarz’s passion for editing began at the University of Iowa, where she worked at the Daily Iowan TV as a producer for a live news broadcast. At Columbia College Chicago, where Bieniarz earned a Bachelor of Arts in Film & TV, Bieniarz worked extensively at Frequency TV. Her versatility shone through as she not only helped produce, shoot, and edit various projects but also took on responsibilities such as directing, editing, and script development.

The Colonie is thrilled to announce the addition of two up-and-coming editors, Addy Bieniarz and Giorgia Harvey to their talent roster.

Meet Giorgia Harvey

Giorgia Harvey is also joining The Colonie. Harvey has been editing for nine years and has built an impressive portfolio of feature length films, short films, theatrical trailers and commercial campaigns. Last November, Harvey celebrated the premiere of her latest achievement, “No One Asked You” at America’s largest documentary festival, DOCNYC. The feature-length documentary follows the reproductive rights organization Abortion Access Front over five years at the frontlines of the escalating war over Roe Vs. Wade.

“After seven years, we were so excited and honored to premiere at such a prestigious festival.” says Harvey, “The people in our film put everything they have into their work and we’ve done the same. To say it was a labor of love is an understatement.”

Her passion for non-fiction storytelling was ignited during her work on “Area 2,” a documentary that delves into Chicago police corruption. This project led to collaborations on several award-winning films. In addition to documentaries, Harvey also excels at editing commercial and short form projects. Notable projects include campaigns for Walgreens, NFL Players Association, WBEZ and the University of Chicago.

The addition of Bieniarz and Harvey signifies The Colonie’s commitment to providing clients with top-tier creative editorial. Addy Bieniarz and Giorgia Harvey join editors Bob Ackerman, Joe Clear and Jimmy Helm on The Colonie’s creative editorial team. The studio also offers motion design, color grading, VFX, finishing and project management from start to finish.

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