Tandem and The Colonie Help Creative Agency KSV Save the Business World from Themselves

Tandem Inc. and The Colonie help creative agency KSV save the business world from themselves in their latest campaign for New Jersey-based Utility, PSE&G.

When something slows you down or downright stops you, it can be a real drag. The funny thing is most of the time that something is someone. And 9 times out 10, that someone is you. Each and every one of us are the not-so-proud owners of our very own worst enemy—ourselves. We always find a way to get in our own way. To hold ourselves back.

That simple truth was the inspiration behind the marketing campaign conceived by purpose-driven, creative agency KSV for New Jersey-based Utility, PSE&G. KSV agency supports marking and awareness efforts for PSE&G’s energy efficiency programs for their business customers.

The fully integrated campaign hosts a suite of creative. Most notably a series of 15-second video spots filmed by Director, Tyler Jay and production house, Tandem Inc. Post was artfully crafted by the The Colonie and editor, Joe Clear.

In these stories we see the cast playfully become their own protagonists by getting in their own way around the office. Driving home the point that the only thing holding decision-makers back from a more energy efficient business is themselves.

“The executions begged for dry humor making Tandem and its creative partnership with The Colonie the perfect fit to make this happen for us. There’s so much opportunity for funny, standout, interesting storytelling in the b2b space. Especially when you have the trust of a client like PSE&G,”  stated KSV’s Chief Creative Officer, Kevin Willard.

“Comedy is my wheelhouse, but I liked the technical aspect here that we had to overcome. We filmed all three of these spots in one day,” said Jay.

Jay filmed identical twins for one spot, split screen on another and a body double for the third.

Identical twins, you say? Let’s take a look at the 15-second spot “Dragging” for PSE&G featuring these siblings:


“I’ve had a long-standing relationship with The Colonie, we’ve collaborated a lot over the years, and I love Joe [Clear],” he said. “He’s so fast and proficient. Their post team just does a great job and the visual effects were just seamless.”

Let’s enjoy the split screen work in 15-second spot “Elevator”:


Clear said the concept and the execution are what made the spots work so well. “They’re simple and easy to understand,” he said.

“When we showed the creatives the first edit I believe the first comment from Sr. Copywriter Tomás Salazar was ‘It works!’ That’s a great feeling, knowing you did your job and for them knowing what they had on a paper and in their mind translates to video.” said Clear.

“Tyler is always pushing for one more option and that’s great because more ideas on the table always helps to get everyone happy and excited with where we end up.”

 “All-in-all we just had fun with these and kept it simple because sometimes simple is better,” he said.

And last but not least, the third spot of the campaign from Tandem and The Colonie for KSV and  PSE&G:


Jay and Clear both see this being the beginning of a long-lasting campaign. The two went on to say that KSV and their client PSE&G were great to work with.




Erin Fagnant – CEO, Partner

Kevin Willard – CCO, Partner

Nick Bruskewitz – ECD

Tomás Salazar – Sr. Copywriter

Jackie Demers – Sr. Art Director

Dorothy Kaniuk – Senior Account Manager 

Melissa Kosmaczewski – Agency Producer


Tyler Jay – Director, EP

Becky Werve – Line Producer

Christopher Walters – Director of Photography


Joe Clear – Editor

Andrew Henke – Assistant Editor

Tom Dernulc – Finishing/VFX

Jennifer Gaida – Color Grading

Mary Caddy – Executive Producer


Cory Coken – Engineer 

Katie Waters – Producer

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