Tandem Enhances Clearcover Message

Tandem got fresh by going old school in a new campaign for Clearcover Car Insurance. Ditching the frivolity overpopulating today’s marketplace, the Chicago production boutique filmed Clearcover personnel explaining the company’s vision and benefits to consumers in a trio of new 30-second commercials.

“While other car insurance companies focus on high-priced celebrities and fancy mascots,” founder / CEO Kyle Nakatsuji says in one of the spots, “we put our customers first with low rates, lighting-fast claims and super-friendly customer service.”

Boasting a rich blue background and a toe-tapping piano track, the talking heads deliver a straightforward message while poking a little fun at the industry’s obsession with gecko-style gimmicks. According to Tandem founder Tyler Jay, who directed the campaign, the success began with a smart and enthusiastic client.

“Clearcover did a really good job of articulating this business that they’re creating,” he says. “They came up with scripts and storyboards, and I helped plus-up the comedy of it all.” Among Clearcover’s goals, he adds, is a commitment to “making it easier for consumers to understand and digest car insurance.”


That inspiration comes to life in a Clearcover app designed to offer a “smarter, faster, tech-driven” way to simplify the process of filing claims and receiving compensation. It is highlighted in a spot featuring Nakatsuji and Chief Product and Innovation Officer Adam Fischer, who declares, “You get paid fast.”

Of course, Fischer speaks off-camera until the end of the spot, when he appears in a wizard costume.

On the set at Resolution Studios.

Jay and crew filmed the spots over a single day at Resolution Studios. Jay says that Director of
Photography Bjorn Amundsen was part of the “phenomenal” team that helped pull it off.

“We talked about giving the backdrop some depth with lighting,” he recalls. “I was thinking about a Rothko painting — where we painted the background with lights to give it a little bit of texture — and Bjorn was the right DP to make it happen.”

When the cameras started rolling, Jay says that the Clearcover spokespeople — who “couldn’t-be-any-
cooler” — were essential to creating the spots’ organic humor. “They were really good at doing what they were supposed to,” he says. “I always kind of throw in a couple ideas to see if we can do some ad lib, and when you can play off the actor it’s kind of a win-win for everyone.”

The Colonie completed post-production with Joe Clear editing and Jennifer Gaida on color. Noisefloor Ltd engineer Cory Coken and producer Katie Waters handled sound design.

The spots are currently airing in the greater Salt Lake City area.

For Clearcover
Kyle Nakatsuji / Founder & CEO
Adam Fischer / Chief Product and Innovation Officer
Aileen Comer / Senior Product Manager
Vlad Modavsky / Head of B2B Marketing
Elliot Schad / SVP, Marketing Director
Kelsey Glynn / Sr. Brand Manager
Jack Clark / Sr. Brand Designer
Jess Burnham / Art Director
Jihan Reksodiputro / Social Media Coordinator
Jim Korakis / Associate Creative Director / Sr. Copywriter
Rich McClellan / VP, Brand and Creative Director
Mike Matthews / Sr. Creative Production Lead

For Tandem
Tyler Jay / Director / EP
Garrett Bates / Production Manager
Bjorn Amundsen / Director of Photography

Editorial: The Colonie
Editor – Joe Clear
EP – Mary Caddy
Colorist – Jennifer Gaida
Motion Graphics: Jeff Borwiak
Online: Tom Dernule

Sound Design
Noise Floor
Engineer – Cory Coken
Producer – Katie Waters

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