Super Bowl Picks and Pans from Another Country’s Peter Erazmus

Super Bowl Sunday was a big night for Another Country and Cutters Studios. The team collaborated with HighDive on their Rocket Mortgage commercial, bringing the lively charisma of Anna Kendrick and nostaglia of Barbie Dream House to the party. The “Dream House” spot then claimed the coveted crown as king of USA TODAY’s Ad Meter.

Let’s hear what Another Country Composer and Sound Designer Peter Erazmus has to say about this year’s Super Bowl lineup…

SCREEN: What was your favorite spot of the night?

PETER: What kind of self-respecting industry professional would I be if I didn’t take this opportunity to shamelessly plug the spots I was fortunate enough to work on this year with the fine folks at HighDive: Lays & Rocket Mortgage Rocket Homes. But in all seriousness I believe these were excellent spots. Lays pulled together two lovable celebs (Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen) who not only individually can put a smile on your face but combined them knowing their proven chemistry from films to help bring to life ridiculous situations. It starts with talent. Simple and effective.

PETER: Continuing the fact it starts with the talent Rocket brought forth another lovable talent Anna Kendrick and combined her with Barbie. A perfect match. This spot I think had the potential to grab every viewer. It had something for everyone. The spin to He-Man and Skeletor at the end introducing Castle Grayskull had me laughing with nostalgia from the first time I saw it.

SCREEN: What would you like to see more or less of in terms of advertising in next year’s Super Bowl?

PETER: I feel the Super Bowl is a time to unplug and unwind. On this day especially, comedy is king. Spots that are trying to be unusual or overly cool and heady don’t hit the mark for me and we’ve all had enough seriousness over the last couple years. The emotion I am looking for is to just put a smile on my face.  Or tug at my heart a bit but still with a smile on my face. Not overly serious.  A light, well written spot with some whit I believe gives the viewer a longer lasting impression. It was a slow start to the festivities, but as the game went on I feel many brands did a good job of just trying to keep things fun.  Hopefully this continues into next year.

SCREEN: Peter, any final comments on this year’s Super Bowl lineup?

PETER: I’d love to see a spot about the Bears being in the Super Bowl but that might be a hard one to get made.

Well, Peter, we will leave you with a throwback commercial featuring 1985 Bears greats Jim McMahon and “Refrigerator” Perry, how’s that for now?

For more from Peter and his team at Another Country, click right here.

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