Super Bowl Picks and Pans from Director Tim Mason of Tessa Films

Which Super Bowl spots did you love? Which did you not love? Let’s hear what the pros had to say! We were thrilled to have Director Tim Mason of the Tessa Films roster stop by Screen after the game to present his picks…

SCREEN: What was your favorite spot of the night?

TIM: Hands down, for me, it was the Tubi Rabbit Hole spot. They took a known consumer truth (going down the rabbit hole) then executed a strong creative concept perfectly.  I loved the way it was shot, styled and edited. Each vignette built upon the one before it and created a cohesive, visually interesting and humorous story. An idea that was so strong, it didn’t have to hide behind a gratuitous celebrity cameo. On a night where the majority of ads really wanted to be funny (and some even out-and-out just told us they were “funny”) this was the spot that actually made me laugh. 

Great pick, Tim! And the Tubi wound up winning the “Super Clio,” here’s the clip announcing the win for Tubi…

SCREEN: What was your least favorite spot of the night or a spot you felt could have been more successful?

TIM:  I didn’t go to advertising school but I’m guessing “Make sure your brand isn’t just talking to itself” has to be a topic that’s covered.  If so, the Roasting of Mr. Peanut should probably be used as Example #1.   It’s bad enough when the comedy in your spot doesn’t fire, but to have your brand mascot knee-slapping himself at bad jokes that no one other than nut-marketers would care about… well, that’s just hard to watch. 

Tim, here is the extended cut of the Mr. Peanut Roast for you…

SCREEN: What would you like to see more or less of in terms of advertising in next year’s Super Bowl?

TIM: I’d love to see more ideas (especially comedic ones) that are crafted to stand on their own without having to use borrowed interest – whether that’s celebrity or some other part of pop culture.  Insightful, humorous writing and direction that gives the viewer a new way to think about the brand – that’s what I’d like to see more of.  Finding a celebrity who’s name sounds close to your product name isn’t compelling anymore – I’m talking to you Hamm and Brie. 

SCREEN: Any final words here, Tim?

TIM: I was born and raised in Kansas City and a lifelong Chiefs fan so I have nothing more to say other than GO CHIEFS!!!

Thanks so much for chiming in! Check back here at SCREEN for more insight and interviews from advertising creatives between the coasts. You can also click right here to subscribe to our weekly email newsletter.

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