Super Bowl Hits and Misses from Executive Producer Qadree Holmes

Which Super Bowl spots did you love? Which did you not love? Let’s hear what the pros had to say! We were thrilled to have Quriosity Productions Executive Producer and Founder Qadree Holmes stop by Screen after the game to present her picks…

SCREEN: What was your favorite spot of the Super Bowl?

QADREE: Coinbase hands down. It was simple and literally stood out from all the competition. Like everyone else I grabbed my phone to find out what it was for.

SCREEN: What was your least favorite spot of the night or a spot you felt could have been more successful?

QADREE: There was this beautiful Toyota spot that took us all around the world. However I couldn’t really see a brand connection and didn’t understand its relevance to the Toyota brand. The storytelling seemed confusing as well.

SCREEN: What would you like to see more or less of in terms of advertising in next year’s Super Bowl?

QADREE: Less crypto currency commercials and less electric car commercials. All of the crypto spots reminded me of the 90’s when we saw all of the .com spots and if history repeats itself some survived and did very well whiles others tanked. Tesla owns the electric car space and the electric car pandering only helped them maintain Tesla elevated brand perception. It truly made it seem like all other electric brands are trying to play catch up.

To enjoy the latest work from Qadree and his team at Quriosity, you can click right here.

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