Steph Curry TV Series ‘Mr. Throwback’ Begins Filming in Chicago in May

When Chicagoans hear “Steph Curry is coming to Chicago” they might quickly leap to the conclusion that the legendary NBA sharpshooter is being traded to the city’s beloved Chicago Bulls. No, Stephen Curry is not being traded to the Bulls. But he is reportedly coming to the Windy City to co-star in a mockumentary project entitled Mr. Throwback that has been ordered straight to series at Peacock.

Sources tell SCREEN Mr. Throwback will consist of six to eight half-hour episodes, and the comedy series will be filming at one of the newest additions to the Chicago production landscape, The Fields Studios.

Updated 4-5-24: Sources tell SCREEN Mr. Throwback will now be filming from May 6 (initially reported as April 29) through June 17.

And perhaps the biggest surprise of all is that Steph Curry will be onscreen in this series in an acting role. Behind the camera, Curry has made quite a name for himself as an Executive Producer, winning the Oscar alongside fellow EP Shaquille O’Neal for the short film The Queen of Basketball. And Curry will be one of the executive producers on Mr. Throwback as well.

But with Mr. Throwback, Curry will also be appearing onscreen… as himself.

The initial announcement of the series was made back in February during the Television Critics Association winter press tour in the Los Angeles area. According to that announcement, the mockumentary will center on “a down-on-his-luck memorabilia dealer (played by actor Adam Pally) who looks for redemption by reuniting with his sixth-grade teammate, NBA legend Steph Curry.”

Starting Lineups for the Producer Squad

David Caspe, Matthew Libman, and Daniel Libman serve as writers and executive producers on the project. Both Curry and Pally will executive produce in addition to starring, with Curry executive producing under his Unanimous Media banner along with Erick Peyton. Universal Television will produce.

Sources tell SCREEN the Production Supervisor for Chicago PD, Zach Bradshaw, will serve in that same role for Mr. Throwback, so there will likely be quite a few of the PD crew working on this mockumentary. With Chicago PD wrapping April 11th, the timing should work out nicely for Chicago’s tireless television production community.

For the Non-Basketball Fans Out There

If you’re not into sports and are wondering what everyone’s so excited about, here’s a quick debrief. Curry is widely regarded as one of the greatest NBA players of all time, currently serving as point guard for the Golden State Warriors. He has won four NBA championships with the Warriors in addition to multiple other accolades, honors, and records. And Curry has appeared in front of the camera before as well, previously played himself onscreen in shows like Ballers and voicing the animated series Family Guy and The Simpsons.

Here is a quick highlight reel for the NBA legend, to bring you up to speed…

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