Skillicorn Partners with Bradley Johnson at SEED

Roy Skillicorn, who founded Seed Media Arts in 2011, has recently partnered with Los Angeles Executive Producer Brad Johnson (pictured here). Earlier this year, Skillicorn left his position as Backyard’s CMO and Managing Director to collaborate with Johnson and to focus on Seed. Together, they have fine-tuned the directorial roster, formalized an impressive strategy that expands Seed’s capabilities to form a contemporary, full-service, 360, production entity.

In 2018, Roy was asked by Backyard’s new owners to return to the company that he founded in 1988 and sold in 2011. His task was to restore the company to its original prominence. He immediately began by signing strong directorial talent to the roster, secured fresh and effective representation in both the East Coast and Midwest territories, directed a restructuring of overhead, and successfully reclaimed Backyard’s respected brand identity.

Skillicorn and Johnson Continuing Collaboration

After three effective years of rebuilding Backyard, Skillicorn is ready to focus all his energy into Seed, his award winning and creative production company. Roy tapped Brad Johnson to help lead these efforts. Johnson was a natural fit for this partnership, as the two have collaborated over the past 10 years on some of Seed’s largest projects, including multi-city, multi-day, shoots for multiple clients.

“Brad’s grounded work ethic, extensive experience while being so remarkably young in his career, almost guarantees his future notoriety, making Brad the kind of person any creative will enjoy working with,” suggests Skillicorn. He adds, “His discerning eye, his confidence in making good and fast decisions, his manner of communicating and his well-crafted leadership skills are totally in line with my own ideals and perspectives. I couldn’t be happier about this partnership. He brings a new vibrancy to Seed.”

Looking Ahead

In describing his move to Seed, Johnson shares, “I’m ready to go all in and build something special. Roy has opened many doors for me in the past, but this partnership is the most exciting of all. I am looking forward to bringing my experience and expertise to the Seed family as we strive to produce incredible content.”

Seed Media Arts is currently in the process of moving their headquarters from Chicago to Los Angeles. Click here to connect with and learn more about Seed.

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