WORK IN PROGRESS Actor Karin Anglin Answers Five Questions

WORK IN PROGRESS Actor Karin Anglin Answers Five Questions

The new Chicago-made series WORK IN PROGRESS has been a big hit for Showtime and was just renewed for a second season. With the season finale set to air this Sunday at 10 pm Central, one of the stars of WORK IN PROGRESS, Chicago actor Karin Anglin, stopped by for a rambunctious round of Five Questions with SCREEN…

SCREEN: What has been your favorite moment of WORK IN PROGRESS so far?

KARIN: I’m gonna have to say my fave moment was definitely filming all the wedding shenanigans for Episode 6. We filmed two overnight shoots in a row from 5pm-5am and it was definitely a bonding experience. Lack of sleep and the punchiness of overnight shoots somehow makes cast members get much closer way faster. There’s not too many inhibitions when you’re filming a giant choreographed dance sequence at 3am and you’re on take 5. We were truly in the trenches together. And for me, even in that first week, there was really a sense of camaraderie and family and a shared bigger purpose that was palpable. I’m not sure if the timing of having the wedding bonanza scheduled in the first week of filming was a conscious, purposeful decision by Lily (Wachowski) or Tim (Mason) but I felt like it was divinely guided. I felt like the bond of our on set family of cast and crew was sealed over those two days.

SCREEN: What’s the nicest compliment you’ve received about the show?

KARIN: Honestly, the love this show is receiving, and I have been receiving from being a part of it, has been overwhelmingly amazing. And humbling. An old grade school teacher of my children said that the show has been an instrumental tool to help so many people who have been silenced and not mainstream and that she personally has experienced deep healing as a lesbian woman herself who wasn’t allowed to be authentically herself early on in her life. That was powerful to hear.

SCREEN: What’s your go-to Karaoke song?

KARIN: I don’t go out to karaoke too often but I would say I would probs pull out Bonnie Raitt’s “I Can’t Make You Love Me.” First, because I need artists that have low smoky voices in MY range if I’m gonna crank out karaoke… no Mariah Carey or Ariana Grande for me. Mama can’t pull out the glass breaking high notes. Second, because I probably practiced that Bonnie Raitt song tear-faced in front of my mirror with a hairbrush “microphone” a hundred times when my first boyfriend in Chicago broke up with me so I’m well rehearsed. :)

SCREEN: If you were given a one-minute ad slot during the Super Bowl, what would you fill it with?

KARIN: Any inspirational commercial that’s intention is to spread uplift, hope, inclusion and possibility. We need way more of that right now.

SCREEN: What’s the worst job you ever had?

KARIN: I can’t think of any really horrible acting jobs. Or none that I would mention in print. LOL. However, I did have a crappy job at Boston College for my work study program. I got to work at the cool on campus restaurant but one of my shifts dreadfully HAD to be working the cafeteria deli for a shift. I was donned in the obligatory sexy plastic hair wrap for food safety reasons with matching ugly plastic gloves slinging bologna and mortadella to drunk post-tailgate college kids praying to dear St. Ignatius that I would not run into anyone that recognized me under all the food safety deli garb. I did learn from my friend, Val, that a quick and easy way to describe mortadella to curious customers was to clarify it’s “bologna with chunks of fat in it.”


SCREEN: Favorite restaurant?

KARIN: I’ve never been disappointed by Francesca’s. Italian food is probably my #1 go to and its always fresh and delicious at Francesca’s. But my fave food of all time hearkens back to my Boston roots - it’s gotta be clam chowdah and a kick-ass lobster roll from Legal Seafoods in my hometown.

SCREEN: If you could appoint ANYONE to be President of the United States, who would it be?

KARIN: I do so miss the Obama administration so maybe we could switch it up and bring back Michelle Obama as the first woman President and Barack as The First Gentleman. A little dignity back in the Oval Office would be nice.

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