Short Film Casting (union and non-union submissions accepted)

Posting Date: May 12, 2016

CASTING CALL! Please submit headshot, resume, and reel (if available) to with the character name in the subject line. Thanks!

Anthropology Anthology 2: Breaking SAG AFTRA Short Film Contract Signatory Producer: Heather Mingo Director: David A. Holcombe Producer: Soft Cage Films, NFP Payment: Travel, Food, IMDB Credit, Copy, Deferred (pending grant based funding) Audition Dates: 5/16/16, 5/21/16 Production Dates: July 2016 (based on actors' availability)

Anthropology Anthology 2: Breaking will explore facets of personal and social justice as we follow Alina, a first generation Polish-American, who is the overworked, sole caretaker for her young son and curmudgeonly mother in law. Alina's code of ethics is tested when she realizes that the puzzle doesn't quite fit together when her sense of survival is at stake. AA2: Breaking is the second installment of a three-part series that examines the way justice directly and indirectly plays a role in the lives of three atypical subjects in Chicago.

Aiden Bobienski: (3 Days) 10 years old; Caucasian; Alina’s son; Easily influenced by peers; Unsure of himself, but learning; Moody, but sweetness comes through; Physical special skills a plus (skateboarding, magic, etc.)

Candace Sparks: (2 Days) 25-35 years old; Open ethnicity; Mayor’s ‘trophy wife’; Adoptive mom to Emma and Braden; Socialite; Faux activist; Will also appear in AA3

Mayor Janet Sparks: (2 Days) 45-55 years old; Open ethnicity; Mayor of Chicago; Calculated; Careerist; Opportunistic; Will also appear in AA3

Braden Sparks: (2 Days) 10 years old; Open ethnicity; Aiden’s friend; Mayor's son; totally bratty; used to getting his way

Janitor: (1 Day) 55+ Male, Open ethnicity; Calm & Collected; More intelligent than people give him credit for--has issue with authority, not well educated, but great organizational mind; Will also star in AA3