Web Series Casting in Chicago

Posting Date: Aug. 19, 2015
Contact: UrbanDoeProductions@gmail.com


Exec. Producers: Kristin Broadwell, Katia Gomez, Pam Tierney Director: Alonzo Alcaraz Writers: Kristin Broadwell, Pam Tierney, Katia Gomez Casting Director: Claire Cooney Start Date: September/Early October Location: Chicago, IL

if you are unable to attend the live casting session, taped submissions will be accepted. Please email taped submissions or links along with your headshot and resume to UrbanDoeProductions@gmail.com. MUST BE CHICAGO LOCAL HIRE.

FLOWER SCOUT MAMA - FEMALE, 40’s, Caucasian, single mother of Julianna who may or may not be from the South and is fiercely in charge of the Flower Scouts. A Mama Bear. RECURRING (episodes 3, 4, 6, 9). 2-3 Days.

MARILYN​­ - FEMALE, 4-­6 years old, Caucasian, blonde, gold or red hair. Daughter of Elizabeth Ann who desires to be a Flower Scout. Innocent, playful and childlike. RECURRING (episodes 3, 4, 8, 9). 2-3 Days.

JULIANNA​­ - FEMALE, 10­-12 years old, Caucasian. A Flower Scout who wears too much makeup and is very business savvy. A little too sassy for her age. Daughter of Flower Scout Mama. RECURRING (episodes 3, 4, 6, 9). 2-3 Days.

KEISHA ­​- FEMALE, 10­-12 years old, African American, A Flower Scout. Sweet. Open minded and loving. Marilyn looks up to her. RECURRING (episodes 3, 6, 9). 1 Day.

TIGHT ASS TRUMAN​­ - MALE, 50’s, open ethnicity, Manager of The Market. Has a secret crush on Katherine. GUEST STAR (episode 5 and VO). 1 Day.

JAMES BRADLEY​­ - MALE, 30’s ­- 50’s, open ethnicity. Katherine’s love interest from her corporate job, whom she never really got over loving. Katherine still fantasizes about him and tells Elizabeth Ann’s daughter, Marilyn, make-believe stories about him. RECURRING (episodes 8, 9). 1 Day.

BEAUTIFUL WOMAN​­ - FEMALE, mid to ­late 40’s, Caucasian, chin length, reddish hair and brown eyes. Attractive woman with the same features as Katherine. James Bradley’s true love interest. Sells flowers in the market. CO-STAR (no lines, featured­ episode 9). 1 Day.