Feature Casting in Michigan (Madonna University)

Posting Date: April 26, 2015
Contact: trafficked.casting@gmail.com

[CASTING CALL] Madonna University Broadcast and Cinema Arts Capstone Film Class is doing it again! Last year for the first time, Madonna University’s BCA Capstone made the feature film, Gangster Report. Everyone said it was impossible to do a full feature in a year, and this year’s 2015 class is about to do it a second time! If you are interested in being a part of it, we are holding a casting call.

Madonna University Friday May 15, 4-9 pm Saturday May 16, 10 am-4pm

For more information email: trafficked.casting@gmail.com

*Must be available in August, 2015


When her best friend Abby goes missing, Terra, a human trafficking survivor, must let go of her fears and chase after the man who held her captive for years. Grey has now kidnapped Abby with the intention of trafficking her. In order to get Abby back, Terra will have to revisit her past and face the reality of the darkness inside of her. Will Terra be able to overcome the hate of her past or will she let it destroy her?

Terra Lead Female Age: 25-30 Terra is the quiet and timid heroine of the story. A past trafficked victim, she must rescue her best friend Abby. She is a Caucasian female, with dark brown hair running down to the middle of her back.

Grey Lead Male Age: 35-40 Grey is villain of the story. Leader of Detroit’s largest Trafficking ring, he kidnaps Abby to entice Terra back to his clutches. He is a Caucasian male, short well-groomed dark brown hair. He façade’s a calm demeanor, only revealing the explosive dark tempered personality when he doesn’t get what he wants.

Abby Lead Female Age: 25-30 Abby is the best friend of Terra: a very lively, outspoken, and short African-American woman. She has short/pixie dark brown/black hair.

Blake Abaddon Supporting Male Age: 35-40 Blake is one of the major handlers under Grey, known for his vile and short-tempered attitude. He is a thick and strongly built dirty man, with dark black hair.

Tully Supporting Male Age: 25-30 Tully is a co-worker with Terra. He is a very calming and caring friend, offering Terra a hope for a better life. Tully is a lanky, yet finely built, African-American male. He is often characterized in a hipster fashion.

Espe Supporting Female Age: 35-40 Espe is Terra’s person therapist in her post-trafficking program. She is very fit short Caucasian woman, blonde hair running down to her shoulders. Espe is a little off the wall at times with the methods she uses to open Terra’s feelings.

Chief Hanson Supporting Male Age: 45-50 Chief Hanson, is the police chief of the town Terra is situated at. He is a very fit and tall man, commanding much respect. He has a very personable presence, liked and respected by most. He has short cut hair.

Justin Berwin Supporting Male Age: 45-50 Justin Berwin is a mysterious FBI detective entwined in Terra’s story. He is very athletic and tall man, very quiet and serious. He has graying on the sides of his hair, and a kind smile.

Agent 1 Extra Male Age 25-30 A slim younger detective, working for Justin Berwin.

Anchor 1 Extra Male Age: 40-45 A voice over talk show announcer on the radio.

Anchor 2 Extra Male Age: 40-45 A voice over talk show announcer on the radio.

Tea Girl 1 Extra Female Age: 20-25 Tea Girl 1 works at the tea shop with Terra.

Tea Girl 2 Extra Female Age: 20-25 Tea Girl 2 works at the tea shop with Terra.

Customer Extra Male Age: 30-35 A customer at the tea store that Terra works at with Tully. He is a short haired, hipster dressed, short tempered male.

Delivery Man Extra Male Age: 20-25 An Asian delivery male.

Operator Extra Female Age: 20-30 A voice over operator voice for the cell phone.

Man Extra Male Age: 25-30 An off screen male handler at the warehouse Terra is held in her teen years.

Man 1/Male Server Male Extra Age: 25-30 Man 1 is one of the men who work for Grey, enticing young women before kidnapping them. He is a visually appealing individual. Tall and fit build, with dark groomed hair and a trimmed beard.

Man 2 Male Extra Age: 30-35 Man 2 is a gruff bearded brown haired male working for Grey. Man 3 Extra Male

Age: 25-30 A more timid male, gruff and tall build, bearded face. He is one of Grey’s men.

Sensi Avery Extra Male Age: 45-50 A shorter male, peaceful and relaxing character, dark beard. He is the owner of the dojo that Terra attends.

Dojo Woman 1 Extra Female Age: 30-35 A peaceful woman who works at the dojo. Tall and fit build.

Pastor Jordan Supporting Male Age: 45-50 A tall, commanding, African-American pastor at Terra’s old church. He has a strong frame, bald head, and kind eyes.

Secretary Extra Female Age: 40-45 A calming slightly aged woman who works as a secretary at Terra’s old church. She has a very sweet and gentle personality.

Pastor Extra Male Age: 50-55 A tall Caucasian male pastor at Espe’s church. He has an intelligent or aged-wisdom type of personality.

Grandpa David Supporting Male Age: 65-70 The grandfather and one who raised Terra from a young age. Though his exterior is aged, he has a loving heart, and joyful eyes. He is a voice of reason to Terra.

Young Terra Extra Female Age: 15-20 A sixteen year old version of Terra, before the trafficking incident had occurred.

Friend 1 Extra Female Age: 15-20 A friend of Terra in her teen years. Friend 1 has a very leading and strong personality.

Friend 2 Extra Female Age: 15-20 A friend of Terra in her teen years. Friend 2 has a more quiet and yes-man personality.

Sugar Female Extra Age: 20-25 A sassy, temping woman who works for Grey.

Jail Guard Male Extra Age: 40-45 The Jail Guard is a stern and tough guard who watched over Grey’s division in prison.