Feature Film Casting

Posting Date: March 3, 2015
Contact: carrsanthomas@yahoo.com

“DARK THOUGHTS” CASTING THE FOLLOWING ROLES: Please send all submissions to carrsanthomas@yahoo.com Roles are non-union and unpaid (Note: all physical descriptions are highly flexible, and I am willing to consider anyone who wants to audition!)

Mary Blackwell: PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Tall, with short black hair and a slender build. A generally unimposing person. She is an artsy person, and will dress as such. PERSONALITY DETAILS: Rebellious, but kind hearted. She runs to the beat of her own drum. She is very caring, and tries her best to take care of those she loves. However, her kind personality has its drawbacks, and she finds herself ill-equipped to deal with the horrors she will face in this film. Throughout the film, we will watch her grow as a character as she learns to face her fears, while facing off against impossible odds.

Alice: PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: She has an almost ethereal appearance and grace. Her overall appearance is malleable, and I am willing to consider a wide range of actresses. She wears dark, gothic clothing. PERSONALITY DETAILS: Alice is the Angel of Death. She fights fiercely for the forces of good. She is hardened by experience and time. She is incredibly intelligent, and is a brilliant strategist. However, she is also cold and distant, making her difficult to approach at times. She has a dark, mysterious past, and carries a lot of guilt with her for an unknown reason.

Amanda Kline: PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Kind features, and a warm smile. PERSONALITY DETAILS: She is the fiancée of Clark Strauss. She acts as a kind of counselor to the others. She has an amazing ability to read people and help them with their problems. However, she is also very capable of defending herself when she has to, and is not a character to be underestimated. She has a strong, nearly unbreakable sense of willpower, which will be heavily tested throughout the film.

Mike Farrell: PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Fairly average guy. He is in good physical condition, but is not necessarily athletic or overly muscular.
PERSONALITY DETAILS: The boyfriend of Mary Blackwell. He cares deeply about her, but can be hardheaded and often makes decisions that seem good at the time, but can lead to trouble later. He is an all-around good person, and will do anything to help the girl he loves.

Daniel Strauss: PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: An adult, in his thirties or forties (therefore, I will need an actor of the appropriate age to play him). PERSONALITY DETAILS: Daniel is Clark Strauss’ father. He has a strong bond with his son, as well as the rest of the characters. He is highly knowledgeable, and he and Alice act as the main strategists for the group. He does his best to care for the rest of the group, and is not afraid to be blunt or even cold to get his message across.