Milwaukee Healthcare Commercial Casting…are you a fit?

Posting Date: Jan. 6, 2015

Milwaukee Healthcare Commercial Casting…are you a fit?

We want to expand our search through our trusted patrons, so even if you have a friend or relative that fits the description below, please hit “FORWARD” and share this opportunity with those who may fit the specs!

We are looking for athletes for a

Milwaukee Healthcare TV Commercial Audition Opportunity

What: Auditions are being held for a non-union Milwaukee healthcare organization TV commercial on Wed, Jan. 7 and Thurs, Jan. 8. All roles are non-speaking.

Who: We are casting four principal non-speaking roles, outlined below. All talent should appear to be between the ages of 45-65, fit for their ages and live an active lifestyle. They should actually participate in one of the featured sports.

1-Swimming pool - African American woman Walking down dark, back-lit hall way with a towel, swim cap, and goggles in her hand. Opens door to reveal a pool with no one in it. Possible sunrise streams over the pool from windows She puts on swim cap, goggles and lines up for dive into pool lane. We see the big breath of anticipation. Her reflection mirrors her image on pool’s edge. The take off moment: Perfect symmetry in the framing of the shot. She dives into pool, water splashing and swimmer does breast stoke

2-Boxer (must be able to work a speed bag) Gritty, no-frills gym scene – Ethnically ambiguous male. Turns light on in gym, each row of light hits-on Gym bag lands on a bench, we see the unzipping of the bag, and grabbing of the athletic tape We see wrapping of hand, warm-up jumping rope, with heavy breathing The take off moment: Boxer works a heavy bag. Muscles ripple. Sweat drips off his nose.

3-Runner at trail – Caucasian male. Thin, but athletic (this role also may be a cross-country skier so either ability should come in!) Driving up to trail head, we see glimpse of trail sign, no other cars at location. Outside of car at trailhead - tying shoes, adding a brace/sleeve to knee We see the runner stretch his legs and the big breath of anticipation before run The take off: Gravel or mud sprays out when runner’s shoe takes off for a run Possible long shot of them running along Lake Michigan. Maybe sunrise??

4-Cyclist – woman. dark hair, ethnically ambiguous (but skill is key so cauc in the mix okay) Biker is weather pending (so if weather doesn't work out, will move to Cross Country Skier... so this person needs to know how to do both) See biker come out of house, into garage, and grabs bike that is hanging in garage (ALT: She takes bike off of rack on her SUV) Biker grabs an air pump, bike helmet and pushes bike outside Close ups of spokes in motion, helmet clipping-on The take off: Biker sets off in neighborhood / trial

talent that are casting for the biker to provide a photo of their bike (e-mail or bring to casting) and also mark on the casting sheet if they ride clipless or not Also

4-AND/OR... Cross Country Skier – Woman. Ethnically ambiguous See skier open the hatch of her SUV. She pulls out her CC skis for the back. Close up of skier lace up ski boots and snaps her shoes into binding We see the skier grab a day pack (water bottle on outside) and takes a big breath of anticipation. The take off: Skier sets off in the snow and we see snow push off from the skis and poles

4-AND/OR… Tennis Player – Caucasian woman. Tone. Tan.

  • Tennis player walking onto court at sunrise/sunset, no one else is around. (Or possibly at an indoor club, weather permitting.)

  • She rolls sweat bands up onto her wrists. Snugs the laces of her tennis shoes

  • Twisting racquet in hand. She’s a bit nervous. Let’s out a deep breath, then turns on the ball return machine.

  • The take off moment: We see her hitting tennis balls. Quick succession of cuts. One after another after another. Grit and determination on her face. She’s back.

  • Basketball Player: MALE…Any ethnicity … again skewing between 45-65. Active and able to hit free throw shots and dribble the ball down the court.

Where: Auditions will be held at the LLL offices in Milwaukee and Chicago (by appointment only). The commercial shoot will take place in the Milwaukee area.

How: Please call (414.282.3500) or reply to with your name, your date of birth, your phone number & email address and an explanation of your athletic experience and which category you believe you fall into. Include one headshot and one full-body length photo (digitals are fine, do not need to be professional). There are a limited number of audition spaces. You must have an appointment to audition and we will reach out to you to schedule you if you are a fit! Send photos first!


· The auditions will take place either Wednesday Jan 7 at our Chicago office or Thursday Jan 8 at our Milwaukee office (whichever date/location is best for you).

· The commercial shoot will take place on one or both of the following dates:

· Friday, January 23 and/or Saturday, January 24, 2014

Compensation: Any talent that is cast receives payment for their time and efforts. The TV commercial will air in Milwaukee for one year. Persons submitting must agree to the terms requested.


LLL Staff

MKE // 414.282.3500

CHICAGO // 312.664.1107

FAX // 414.282.3404