Posting Date: Feb. 12, 2014


Written by: Richard Hoffman Directed by: Aimee Hechler and Richard Hoffman

A bittersweet, black & white television dramedy about four flawed strangers moving in together and sincerely trying not to murder each other... like Louie + Friends.

We are casting the following lead roles for our pilot episode, which will be a one day shoot in spring quarter:

  • IVAN DIETRICH (18-24): a lovable loser. A chain smoker who finds it difficult to do anything in moderation. Confident in his charisma and conversely filled with self-loathing. Comes from a blue collar background, pays for his college in a massive amount of student debt. Perpetually trying to improve himself and consistently failing. MAJOR: undecided.

  • JACOB SMITT (18-24): 2380 SAT score. First kiss: to be determined. High stress, high anxiety, highly critical, defensive, anxious, self-doubting. In a long term relationship with an Evangelical Christian despite being an atheist. MAJOR: industrial engineering.

  • ASHLEY PENZEY (18-24): top played song on iTunes: "Roxanne" by The Police. Cheerful, bubbly, relaxed, maybe too cheerful, bubbly, and relaxed? Supportive but self-centered. Sort of like what a manic pixie dream girl would be like in real life... aka confusing, all over the place, and mildly infuriating. MAJOR: theatre.

  • MARGOT MARSEILLE (18-24): not actually French, but a plausible imitation. Dark, morbid, clinically depressed, strong, empathetic, with her guard up in a major way. She's a lesbian, but her conservative parents don't know it. MAJOR: economics/gender studies (she only tells her parents about the economics part).

WHAT TO PREPARE: please come prepared with a one minute monologue of your choice. We will also ask you to read from our pilot script.

WHEN: Friday, February 21st from 4:00pm to 8:00pm WHERE: Louis Hall, Room 118 Please email to reserve a fifteen minute audition slot.