Character-Driven short comedy seeking male lead (unpaid)

Posting Date: Jan. 29, 2014

Character-Driven short comedy seeking male lead. Mid 20's to 30's. Shoot date March 23rd. Casting meetings start February 2, 2014. reply to

Small Town Music is about a musician (Clark) who teaches lessons and works as a music store clerk. He's a good guy who is interested in self-improvement, but he's frustrated by all of the crazy customers who come into the store. Different characters come in with different quirks and comedy. Clark is still serious about his job and glad that he gets to work on music. Clark spends as much time as he can promoting his metal band and learning about the music business so his band can move forward. When he sees people and they seem weird he judges them immediately and is negative. Instead of solving interpersonal problems Clark just avoids situations. Clark feels like he can’t escape the customers or be defensive at work so he just speaks really monotonously and a little impatiently. Clark's frustration peaks when he's attacked. Then an unlikely character comes to his rescue. This is similar to Eastbound & Down or Clerks.

This is a DePaul graduate student short film. This is an unpaid job, but will make a good addition to a reel. SAG actors are eligible and would be given student film waiver paperwork.