Casting Paid Short Film

Posting Date: Jan. 3, 2014

The Sideshow Project

Clowns no longer put make-up on, they are born with it on (like a birthmark). Marginalized for years, the clown race set up a new civilization in Old America and the sideshow is the bridge between the two ways of life. Peace comes at a price, and through the Sideshow project we get a taste of what it is like to be different.

Type of project?

Short Film/Music Videos (1 project cut into 11 music videos)

Level of production

We are shooting on the Sony NEX FS700 with a 10 person crew in 5 locations over 5 days (Could be 4 because Monday will be soooo cold) Experienced crew.

**Non-union, low-budget

Directed by Matt Silver**

  • Videos for Falldown, Rebel Revive, The Alumni Club, Jimmie Deeghan….more on website

Produced by Danny Crook

  • Prod. Coord. for Panic! at the Disco “Mona Lisa,” and “Overture ", Mike Posner ft Lil Wayne “Bow Chicka Wow Wow” and Creative Assistant on Ford Music Videos for American Idol, Season 10

Director of Photography, Killian Blount

Reference work

Roles (In the world of the project, clown make-up is a birthmark so some characters will be put through minimal make-up)


Kelly, Late 20’s (+)

This character is a young mother and will have minimal stylized make-up. Young at heart is most important here, making the carnival look like fun.

Chris, late 20’s (+)

Average height and build, a little on the wiry side to match younger version of character.

Carnvival Attendees (+)

Any and all ages, will be audience for juggling, magic, and other carnival activites.


Kelly and Chris $75/day each

Kelly and Chris role are paid, carnival attendee roles are not. Meals will be served on set and craft services will be set up_


Please contact Danny Crook at**


Photos and any work examples would be greatly appreciated.


Carnival attendees are only Needed on Sunday – every other day is just Kelly and Chris Roles

Sunday will be in Sycamore IL (Kelly, Chris, Carnival Attendees) Call will be 12 noon.

Monday will be an off day due to the inclement weather

Tuesday will be in Chicago in the late morning/afternoon and Northbrook in the evening

Wednesday-Friday will be in the Chicago area (Friday is not a lock yet and that day might get cut) and will not exceed 5 hours.