Feature Film Casting in Chicago (auditions Thursday)

Posting Date: Sept. 11, 2013
Contact: chicagofeaturecasting@gmail.com

Accepting union and non-union submissions for lead role JONATHAN and supporting role PAT. Please email materials to chicagofeaturecasting@gmail.com and please...

  1. Only submit if you are available for the shoot dates noted below!
  2. Note whether you are available to audition on Thursday September 12th (yes that's tomorrow) between 4-6 pm in Chicago (North Side/Lincoln Square). There might be other auditions (we might also accept taped auditions) but the director is hoping to cast these roles as soon as possible.
  3. If your headshot was taken more than a year ago, please ALSO include a recent snapshot of any kind (iPhone photo fine)

Notes from the director and casting director: Jonathan (40s-50s, Caucasian) is the main character. It is a role that an actor can sink his teeth into. Jonathan¹s morals come into conflict with the external world and this throws him into a crisis that he must reconcile. He discovers that the world is not what it seemed and that he has the potential to do more than what he thought capable.

Pat¹s (50s-60s, Caucasian) role although short is crucial to the film. He is the catalyst that propels Jonathan into a crisis and the antagonist that Jonathan must confront in order to be able to move forward as a more complete and rounded person. Pat can be both helpful or vicious if you cross hm.

We plan to shoot over 6 weekends (Friday ­thru Sunday) beginning September 20th through October 27.

Because Jonathan is in 99% of the scenes the actor would be needed to be there all of those weekends.

The scenes for Pat¹s role are scheduled for October 12, 1/2 day and October 27th, 1/2 day. One scene (29) is yet to be scheduled and this would be a full day.

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you