Feature Film Casting in Chicago

Posting Date: Aug. 30, 2013
Contact: chicagofeaturecasting@gmail.com

Untitled October Feature Scheduled shoot dates Oct. 18-Nov. 13 in Chicagoland area

Please submit headshot and resume (reel if available) to chicagofeaturecasting@gmail.com. Please be sure to mention role(s) for which you would like to be considered.

Logline: Based on true events, a troubled girl diagnosed with dissociative identity disorder may actually be channeling the spirit of a teen who recently died.

SAG Modified Low Budget (union and non-union actor submissions accepted) Work days are estimates and are subject to change.

[JESSICA] Female, Caucasian, early thirties, a young midwestern mother still trying to catch up and discover herself. She had TESS when she was very young and as relied on the help of others in raising her troubled child. She has moved to a new town to give themselves both a fresh start. But watching her daughter's health disintegrate further, Jessica must finally shape her own beliefs and make her own decisions in order to help her child. LEAD 3 rehearsal days. 1 photo day. 23 shoot days.

[TESS] Female, Caucasian, read 14-16, can see 14-19. A cute, intelligent girl "barely breaking into her teenage years," she is Jessica’s daughter. Thoughtful, literal, matter of fact, and stoic, Tess's lack of emotion can be disconcerting to strangers when they first meet her. She's been taking anti-psychotic medication since the age of 6, and is prone to panic attacks and hearing sounds that aren't there. Tess is also a skilled skateboarder and enjoys playing guitar with her father, a deployed Marine, via Skype. When Tess and Jessica move to a new town, Tess's symptoms ramp up in dangerous ways, possibly tied to the recent death of teenage Lucy. LEAD 3 rehearsal days. 1 photo day. 24 shoot days.

[SARAH] Female, Caucasian. In her 40s, with russet-colored hair and hazel eyes, she traveled the world as a child because her parents were missionaries. Sarah describes her own religious views as "spiritually ambiguous." When her daughter Lucy is hit by a car and killed following an argument with Sarah, Sarah is devastated, and her life falls apart. Nostalgic for the past, she separates from her husband, closes her Mystic Journey bookstore, and becomes convinced that Lucy's spirit is being channeled through newcomer Tess. PRINCIPAL 3 rehearsal days. 1 photo day. 14 shoot days.

[LUCY] Female, Caucasian. Plays 16-17, can see 15-20. Sarah's daughter, 16 at the time of her death, self-aware, with dark brown hair, a broad smile, and a touch of OCD, she prefers to go by "Lucinda" because she thinks it sounds more mature than "Lucy." Lucy hopes to go on a co-ed camping trip without adult supervision, a situation her mother forbids. Following a tense argument with her parents about the trip, Lucy, is hit by a car and killed. Her spirit then appears to possess the body of Tess, a newcomer to town. SUPPORTING 1 rehearsal day. 1 photo day. 3 shoot days.

[ROBERT] Male, Caucasian, In his early 30s, kind and patient, he's a U.S. Marine serving in Afghanistan. His wife Jessica and daughter Tess have just moved from Robert and Jessica's hometown to a new location, and while he supports his wife's decision, he would also be happy if she changed her mind and returned to the place where they grew up. While on temporary leave, he asks Tess, whom he plays guitar with, to be strong while he's away again on duty...PRINCIPAL 1 rehearsal day. 1 photo day. 8 shoot days.

[FATHER MEYERS] Male, any race, A priest in his mid 40s, who gives off the vibe of a protective older brother, he's more amused than bothered by Tess at first, though he eventually comes to the conclusion that Tess may be a victim of demonic possession. He encourages Tess's mother, Jessica, to "have faith" and allow him to perform an exorcism, and he's frustrated when she chooses a different path...PRINCIPAL 1 rehearsal day. 4 shoot days.

[ARTHUR] Male, Caucasian, 40s, Sarah’s estranged husband, Lucy’s father. Slim. SUPPORTING. 1 photo day. 2 shoot days.

[GAVIN] Male, any race, reads 14-16, can see 14-19, awkward, not a jock, a normal kid, smart. SUPPORTING. 1 rehearsal day. 3 shoot days.

[MORGAN] Female, any race, reads 17, can see 15-20. 18+, any race, to play 17. SUPPORTING. 1 photo day. 3 shoot days.

[PSYCHOLOGIST] female, late 30s-40s, any race. DAY PLAYER. 1 shoot day.

[INDIAN WOMAN] female, Indian, 20s. A woman who gets possessed for other people's benefit. Physical role. DAY PLAYER. 1 shoot day.

[LUCY, Age 4] female, Caucasian, reads age 4. Match to teenage Lucy. DAY PLAYER. 1 photo day. 1 shoot day.

Please submit headshot and resume (reel if available) to chicagofeaturecasting@gmail.com. Please be sure to mention role(s) for which you would like to be considered.