Short Film Casting

Posting Date: July 22, 2013

Auditions will be held Saturday, July 27th, and the production shoots August 16th - 18th. Please submit headshot and resume to If you have a link to a demo or clip, you can submit that as well. The cast breakdown is below.

Title of Film: SAFE ROOM 6


NIKKI - LEAD, Female, early to late 20s, slender and muscular, short hair, tattooed. She is tough, self-sufficient, intelligent, and excellent under duress. She trusts no one - not because of personal insecurities so much as her experiences in the chaotic world in which she lives.

RUSTY - SUPPORTING, Male, 30s, fit and rugged. Is Nikki's colleague and support in crisis. Gives an air of being the guy you can definitely rely on.

SHADOWMAN - SUPPORTING, Male A dark, mysterious, commanding figure. He is a hunter, in control and calculating.

DRIVER - FEATURED, Male or Female, Comedic, able to display big but believable reactions.

BASE - V/O, Male or Female, Authoritarian, but not without empathy. Nikki's connection to the command center. For BASE, please submit demo or clip.