SAG Ultra Low Budget Casting

Posting Date: June 5, 2013

SAG Ultra Low Budget Grant Park Buckingham Fountain, 301 S Columbus Dr, Chicago, IL, 60605 June 8th and 9th, 9:00am-3:00pm This will be an open casting call.

Any questions should be directed to:

"Teen-o-Rama" tells the coming-of-age tale of twelve eccentric suburban teens who by way of scooter venture crosstown en route to a party on the last day of summer... We will be shooting August 12th-August 18th in Lake County, IL, with a 30-person crew, a 12-person cast, dozens of extras, a camper, a $17,000 budget, and 14 locations spanning a total of 7 shooting days.

Angelo - Hispanic/Latino, short, thin. Shy, curious, smart, polite, soft-spoken, the kind of 14-year-old boy who smiles at the sun when it gives him warmth.

Jonny (formerly Jesse) - Caucasian, short, athletic. Brave, friendly, competitive, open, free-spirited, the kind of 14-year-old boy who learns his streetwise and makes his fame from TV and Internet.

Sephie - Caucasian, short, thin. Quiet, mysterious, natural, cool, studious, the kind of 14-year-old girl who observingly spends her Sundays watching her parents fight over simple table arrangements.

Holli - Caucasian, short or tall, thin. Worried, pretty, immature, fickle, delicate, the kind of 14-year-old girl who hates the things she loves the moment they go out of style.

Trista - Caucasian, short or tall, athletic. Tough, independent, mature, outspoken, taskful, the kind of 14-year-old girl feminists would be proud to call their junior leader.

Loni - Caucasian, tall, thin. Light-hearted, cheerful, kind, romantic, helpful, the kind of 14-year-old boy who lets you win at basketball when you're having a rough day.

Adam - Caucasian, tall, athletic. Flamboyant, neat, affectionate, stylistic, raw, the kind of 14-year-old boy too gay-proud and glee-confident to ever back down.

Devon - African-American, short or tall, thin. Gamer, geeky, intense, religious, communal, the kind of 14-year-old boy a mother would call "baby" in front of his friends.

Gregory - Caucasian, short or tall, thin. Gamer, geeky, intense, misfit, frail, the kind of 14-year-old boy whose grandmother has more Facebook friends than he.

Fattie and Beano (twins) - Any race or color, short or tall, wide build. Sporty, stocky, comic, strong, irritable, the kind of 14-year-old twins who use their specialness to 'always get away with it'.

Elle - Asian-American, short, thin or athletic. Energetic, uncontrollable, spontaneous, whimsical, cute, the kind of 14-year-old girl who sees an elderly man like a very adorable kitten.

Phil - Caucasian, tall, thin. Silly, naive, dim, sweet, gullible, the kind of 15-year-old dude who went far out a long time ago…

  • All ages are acceptable for audition (characters: Phil 15, Everyone Else 14).
  • All hair colors, eye colors, skin tones and personality choices (piercing, tattoos, etc.,) are acceptable for audition. Specifications from script serve only as examples.
  • Any abilities for swimming, endurance and riding scooter are not required but encouraged. All skills will be taught and developed throughout pre-production.
  • Approve general casting for maximum number: "no child left behind".


  • Young Man (dialog)
  • Two Older Teens
  • Boy
  • Waitress (dialog)
  • Adult Couple
  • Manager
  • Creepy Employee
  • Little Boy
  • Muscular Black Man
  • Mimi
  • Child
  • Man
  • Family (+Wife+Son)
  • Elderly Woman
  • Elderly Man
  • Young Boy
  • Mexican Kids
  • Male Volleyballers
  • Female Volleyballers
  • Overweight Family (Large Man+Large Woman)
  • Fat Son
  • Tan Girls
  • Grilling Guys
  • Car Guy
  • Middle-Aged Man
  • Woman and Baby
  • Large Mexican Family (sing)
  • Young Girl
  • Middle-Aged Mexican Man
  • Elderly Lady
  • Senor (dialog)

Voice Only

  • Security Guard
  • Diner Crowd Walla
  • Mall Crowd Walla
  • Ice Cream Shop Crowd Walla
  • Beach Crowd Walla