Cast and Crew Submissions for SEVERED SOULS

Posting Date: May 22, 2013

Cast and crew call for submissions for a feature film, Severed Souls:

Audition Dates: audition dates to May 29,30,& 31st. Shooting approx. 9/1/13 - 11/1/13 in Chicago and Vernon, Il.

Writer/Director: Anastasia and Josh Basche

Film Synopsis: When the heir to a gun manufacturing fortune, HADLEY KELLER, learns that her family is cursed to die an early death before the age of forty, she must enlist the help of her estranged husband and his team of ghost hunters to cleanse the family home. When the investigators succeed in contacting the paranormal energy haunting the house, they unleash a storm of ghostly vengeance that threatens to kill them all and forces Hadley to face her own guilt surrounding the death of her daughter from a tragic gun accident.

Submissions should be emailed to: SEE CHARACTER BREAKDOWN BELOW

This is a student SAG waiver film. Compensation TBD on a percentage basis after distribution.

“Severed Souls” Character Break Down 

Hadley Keller-Ellerson (39): Caucasian of Austro-Hungarian or German lineage.  The wealthy heiress to her family’s gun manufacturing fortune, plagued by guilt and denial over her daughter’s early death from a tragic gun accident.

Aurora (39): Caucasian of Austro-Hungarian or German lineage.  Hadley’s younger fraternal twin.  A wealthy heiress of Austro-Hungarian lineage, she’s a doting mother, family protector, and a paragon of physical health for her age.

Drew Ellerson (37):  A loyal husband, father, and ghost hunter struggling to save his marriage and come to terms with the death of his little girl.

Charlotte Mave (24):  Mix of Filipino mysticism and hot-blooded Italian gypsy. A hipster with mediocre psychic abilities, an obsession with divination, and a crush on Drew.

Emery Ellerson (6): Drew and Hadley’s sweet little girl turned into a vengeful supernatural spirit bent on retribution for her family’s involvement in the gun business.

Lydia Anders (38): Eccentric private psychic to the wealthy desires only to help those who travel the country to seek her advice.

Mitch (30): A heavyset sound mixer and boom operator ready to save his own skin in a crisis.

Russ Meyers (34): A freelance editor and video techie who fears not being able to provide for his pregnant wife and his daughter on the way.

Shelly Silverman (23): A shy and sheltered college student who’s interested in ghost hunting and still lives at home with her parents.

Wayne Brooks (28): African American.  A hulky muscular man on the outside with the heart of a pussycat on the inside.

Pompous Cat Studios has produced multiple award winning short films, music videos, and commercials. Last year Pompous Cat Writer/Director, Anastasia Basche, received the "Director's Choice Award" at the Litchfield Hills Film Festival for her film "Frankenkinder" and her "Off Broadway" musical debut won "Best Musical, Best Direction, and Best Song" at the West Village Music Theater Festival.

Pompous Cat Studios has the unique opportunity of shooting "Severed Souls" in a stunning early 1900's mansion fully dressed in period furnishings. The cast and crew will have the unique opportunity to film in a rare beautiful location, with a strong team environment, as well as share in the profits after distribution.