Indianapolis Feature Film Casting

Posting Date: Aug. 8, 2017

CASTING CALL Title: "Pavees" (feature length film) (Dark Drama)

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KEVIN HARDY Male Age Range: 17-21 Ethnicity: Caucasian Kevin is coming into manhood, timid AND actionable, quiet and observant, clever.

CANDACE COSTELLO Female Age Range: 17-21 Ethnicity: Caucasian A gorgeous late teen, very witty, sarcastic, and playful.

WILLUM OHARA Male Age Range: 30s Ethnicity: Open A very attractive, hard-working man among the Pavees. Holds a different set of morals and standards for himself for his conduct than most in the camp.

SEAMUS MCNALLEY Male Age Range: 40s Ethnicity: Caucasian Seamus is a ruthless and scary man, his thick Irish accent only adds to his ominous presence as the King of the Pavees.

BILLY RILEY Male Age Range: 20s Ethnicity: Open Billy is a thug among the Pavees. He has a large family, a lot of power, and entitlement issues. Manish as all can be.

FINNEGAN HARNET Male Age Range: 20-30 Ethnicity: Open Finnegan is a musician, the cool kid and a reliable friend. Very laid back, somewhat of a lady's man.

PHIL CARNEY Male Age Range: 40s Ethnicity: Open A large man, overweight, greasy, obnoxious and oblivious to social awkwardness. Overbearing in his character, boisterous.

LYNN COSTELLO Female Age Range: 30-40 Ethnicity: Caucasian Lynn is Candace's Mom. Wise-beyond her years and protective. She is the voice of reason and a strong woman.

*LOTS of extras needed!!! Going for a Southern look or feel; think trailer park.

LOCATION: 933 N Lynhurst Dr Indianapolis, IN 46224 SATURDAY, AUGUST 12th 11AM-3PM

COMPENSATION: Deferred Payment based on Distribution Deal

CONTACT: Please bring Headshot, Resume, and a prepared monologue with a Charavter in mind. We may ask you to stay for a cold-read.

If you cannot attend the casting call, we WILL be accepting video and email submissions/resumes/demo reels via email until AUGUST 19th.