Casting for "Geek Lounge" web series!

Posting Date: Feb. 13, 2017

If you are a talented, funny, male actor with years of improv experience, that might be interested in doing a hilarious vignette that’s all bathroom humor, I’d love to have you audition for this episode! There’s no money, but it should be fun and relatively painless (a few hours). And we’ll keep you well-fed.

Premise: Hal, a socially awkward geek who relates better to computers than humans, decides to become a bathroom attendant to raise money and at the same time, to study man in his natural environment. You would be one of the many guys that he "studies" in his bathroom attendant job. (Don't worry, no nudity! Just geeky and scatological humor.)

Auditions are at Aaron Gang Photography: 1016 North Ashland

Date: Tuesday, Feb 28 Times: 5pm-? (how ever long they last)

Shoot Date: Sunday, March 12. We'd need you for a few hours between 9am-9pm

If you are interested, like to know more and want to sign up for auditions, email me at Thank you! Our Fan page to see what it's all about: