IFA Chicago and Mxxd Media’s Screen Time Showcase Brings Superb Shorts to the Davis Theater [Exclusive Photos]

A capacity crowd gathered in Chicago to enjoy the latest short-form offerings from a renowned ensemble of local filmmakers. IFA Chicago and Mxxd Media partnered up to present the Screen Time Film Festival, held at the Davis Theater. The evening welcomed over 150 attendees to view the films at the Davis Theater, and also to hear from the esteemed pre-show panel. The keynote panel was entitled “Navigating the Short Film Landscape in 2024” and featured Maame Addae of IFA Chicago, Festival Programmer Raul Benitez, and Filmmaker Lihn Tran.

Let’s take a look at some photos from the festivities, courtesy of Erin Morgan Taylor / Mxxd Media…

The Filmmakers and short films were:

Andre Muir and Danielle Alston | Patois

Krista Kane | Except

Sai Selvarajan | We Clap for Airballs

Sean Sankalp Raju | Nazar

Justin Nico Flocco | Bystander

George Ellzey Jr. | Cottage Grove

Jack Dunphy | Bob’s Funeral

Here are a few notable quotes from the evening…

“I’m still learning plenty about our local network of filmmakers but what I know is the more reasons we can find to get together and celebrate our projects the better. It’s especially rewarding when gathering those of non-traditional, diverse backgrounds. We all speak the same language of film and story so seeing everyone together is awesome. With Screen Time we wanted to bring people together casually in a local theater with comfy seats and react to our work on the big screen. We did it last year when I decided to do another screening for my short Buy Sell Trade and we plan on doing it next year. Potentially sooner if we can get more sponsorship support! One other thing that stood out is the quality of films that are making waves in different pockets of Chicago and the growing talent pool in general. We’re not reinventing the wheel we’re just creating more opportunities. These films deserve to be seen and reacted to with your friends and peers as many times as possible.” — Gabriel Cuillier, Owner / Producer, Mxxd Media

“Thank you for an amazing showcase. I received great feedback for my short and interest for my next project. I appreciate [the] leadership and heart for the independent film community in Chicago.” – George Ellzey Jr., Filmmaker

“…No joke, every step of the ethos of Screen Time has been incredible… You’re setting the bar for how screenings and festivals should be run” – Sean Raju, Filmmaker

“IFA Chicago is a proud partner of the Screen Time Film Festival and believes in showcasing the authentic, diverse voices of our city. It’s motivating and moving to see the incredible works of these independent filmmakers, and celebrating this year’s theme of human connection and the cost of authenticity.” – Wesley Julian, Executive Director, IFA Chicago 

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