Sarofsky Extends Role with All-Star Talents Behind New Illinois Cares for Kids Campaign

In mid-2022, the State of Illinois announced the launch of “I Got Love / Siento Amor,” a statewide enrollment campaign for child care and early education services featuring Illinois artists, musicians, and production partners. Developed with creative shop 1o8, that integrated marketing campaign spanning all media amplified the state’s one-stop-shop for all things Early Childhood Education and Care, at Illinois Cares for Kids. To date, that groundbreaking campaign has reached millions upon millions of people.

Involving an All-Star roster of Illinois-based talents, the “I Got Love” campaign was built around the original work of one-stop cross-media production company Sarofsky in collaboration with illustrator, artist, designer, and street muralist Shawn Smith.

Let’s take a look at the inspiring piece…

The group’s original characters and designs appeared in beautifully animated spots in both English and Spanish, and in prominent outdoor and print placements as well. Proving to be highly engaging across all demographics, the “I Got Love” campaign also earned critical acclaim, including winning the Platinum Award at the 2023 AVA Awards and many other illustrious honors.

Through the creative leadership of 1o8, the Illinois Department of Human Services, Illinois Cares for Kids, and the Illinois Network of Child Care Resource and Referral Agencies are now releasing a new campaign. Continuing to leverage Sarofsky’s look, feel, and characters created for “I Got Love,” the new “Real-Life Influencer” campaign launched last week, celebrating the hardworking, “influential” individuals that work in Early Childhood Education and Care all over Illinois.

Also benefiting from the multicultural marketing expertise of Chicago’s own PACO Collective, the new :30 spot encourages visits to access a treasure trove of helpful resources at https://illinoiscaresforkids.careers. Worth noting, Sarofsky’s original designs remain in wide usage across all the Illinois Cares for Kids websites and social media platforms.

According to 1o8’s Executive Creative Director Jen Bills, “By spotlighting and featuring real providers working in Child Care, Early Intervention, and Home Visiting programs across Illinois, we know we’re going to inspire new candidates to join the workforce, and we’re humbled to be contributing to the well-being and development of Illinois children.”

The new campaign was produced by Tessa Films, and directed by Carrie Stett, with Andrew Wehde (“The Bear,” “Eighth Grade”) serving as director of photography. Sarofsky once again brought its strengths in design, animation, editing, and finishing, with color courtesy of Nolo, and music and sound design via Squeak E. Clean Studios. 

For Sarofsky’s Executive Creative Director Erin Sarofsky, the results of Stett’s and Wehde’s artistry were most impressive. “Between Carrie and Andrew, they did an amazing job of creating and catching sweet moments between the providers and the children,” she began. “The coverage was wonderful in general, reflecting masterful skill in using the light, environment, and action naturally.”

With the live-action footage in hand, Sarofsky’s team set out to use artful editing, graphics, and visual effects to position the narrative within a real-life influencer motif, while also keeping the original campaign’s visual look in play. Along with Sarofsky’s other blockbuster talents, Senior Editor Tom Pastorelle relished his starring role in the creative process. 

“Focusing on the live-action storytelling while incorporating the initial campaign’s very identifiable look into this narrative was a very fun challenge,” Pastorelle explained. “Those design touches largely come through in the transitions, supers, and opening and end graphics.”

“We have the utmost respect for everyone at 1o8, and feel deeply honored to work with everyone involved with this campaign,” added Sarofsky’s Managing Director/Executive Producer Steven Anderson. “This is one of those projects that makes us all feel like we are improving the world in important ways. Seeing how much Illinois cares for kids is a beautiful thing.”

Complete project credits are available upon request. To learn more about the campaign, please visit https://youtube.com/@illinoiscaresforkids3213, and the https://illinoiscaresforkids.careers website.

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