SAG-AFTRA Feels ‘Sign of Hope’ as WGA and AMPTP Negotiations Continue

As the strike forges on and picket lines remain persistent, hopes may finally be creeping higher this week. As negotiations between the Writers’ Guild (WGA) and the AMPTP continue, SAG-AFTRA actors and union leaders are offering optimism that a similar opportunity may surface for the actors guild soon.

“We’re ready and waiting for that to happen for us,” New York local president for SAG-AFTRA Ezra Knight told TheWrap from the picket lines on Tuesday. “We’re so ready that even the WGA going in and continuing the negotiations, it’s a sign of hope for us so that hopefully they get their act together — not the WGA, but the AMPTP — and get back to the table.”

Click here for more of Knight’s and other SAG-AFTRA members comments to TheWrap.

Update for Friday August 18: The WGA met again with representatives of the major studios on Thursday, as negotiators continued to search for a path toward resolving the 108-day writers strike, Variety reports. The CEOs of the major studios — including Ted Sarandos of Netflix and David Zaslav of Warner Bros. Discovery — are also expected to hold a joint call on Friday to discuss the next move in the talks.

Earlier this week, Los Angeles VP and Star Trek: Picard star Michelle Hurd seemed to share in this cautious optimism. “The bottom line is that we can’t go back into negotiations until they come to an agreement with the WGA,” Hurd said to TheWrap this week. “So this makes it, you know, as long as there’s actual true good faith bargaining happening, then that path to us getting back is closer, because they’re at that table.”

The Latest from the WGA Negotiations

The resumed negotiations this week will center on WGA’s counter to AMPTP’s counterproposal from this past Friday. Click here for more about the AMPTP counter, courtesy of Deadline.

As for those negotiations, today’s meeting between the WGA and the AMPTP ended without resolution, producing “mixed results,” according to Deadline. No details have emerged as to whether the parties will meet for further talks later this week or if more proposals will be offered.

Here is some additional insight into the issues at hand as negotiations presumably progress throughout the week…

You can also click right here for SCREEN’s interview with Chicago WGA Strike Captain Brett Neveu for a deeper dive into the road ahead.

If You’re Chicago SAG-AFTRA, Wednesday Is Your Day

If you’re a Chicago-based SAG-AFTRA member, your presence is requested in front of the camera this Wednesday. SAG-AFTRA Chicago will be hosting a photo opportunity event this Wednesday, August 16th at 5:30 p.m. CT, in front of the “Greetings from Chicago” mural at 2226 N. Milwaukee Ave.

SAG-AFTRA members only, reservations are required, and members can click here to RSVP.

Whether you are a SAG-AFTRA member or not, the union asks that you show your support on social media by including #SAGAFTRAStrike, #SAGAFTRAStrong and #Power2Performers in your posts.

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