Chicago Made ‘Power Book IV: Force’ Season Two Premiere — Exclusive

Power Book IV: Force Location Manager Ben Miner discussed the direction and spirit of the Starz series during an exclusive interview with Screen Magazine. 

Power Book IV: Force tells the story of Tommy Egan, a drug dealer who tries to unite the city’s various crime syndicates into a monolithic profit center during season one. Along the way, he incites a bloodbath by pushing his own agenda. Executive-produced by Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson, the series will launch its second season on September 1.

According to Miner, Tommy’s quest to avenge the death of his friend Liliana and dominate the city’s drug trade will drive a lot of the action in season two. This is mostly because the people who oppose him are dishonest, greedy, murdering psychopaths. Among them are the Flynn clan on the North Shore and Chicago Brothers Incorporated (CBI) on the South Side. Bound by family traditions, violent surroundings and abusive upbringings, they turn bullets and f-bombs into the frills of a tale about ruthless ambition. They are also really fun to watch.  




The neighborhoods of Chicago are an essential part of the story as well, says Miner. Geographically arranged into markets for African American, Hispanic American and white drug users, they often dictate exactly who can sell what in any given area. The dynamic is frequently upset by criminals who want all the action, including the Hasidic Jewish and Serbian factions in the mix. 

Gaining permission to film in these locations is one of Miner’s greatest responsibilities. He combines extensive Chicago knowledge with a door-knocking work ethic to connect with business and residents. When the locations are set, he relies on assistance and guidance from the Chicago Film Office and the CTA to keep things safe and sound

Miner was coy about confirming whether or not the glowing wonder drug known as Dahlia would return in season two. But the chemist who was forced to manufacture it seemed to be getting a little Stockholm syndrome about her situation near the end, so maybe. Then again, since she was also kidnapped and nearly killed by the Flynns, so maybe not.

When it debuted on Starz in February 2022, Force reinvigorated the dramatic crime genre. Filmed in Chicago, it seems likely to go worldwide.

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