Chicago Pilot ‘I Didn’t Mean to Go Mental’ Moves into Post Production After Successful Shoot

The cast and crew of I Didn’t Mean To Go Mental are still soaring following a successful shoot this Summer. “It was the biggest dream of mine coming true right in front of my eyes,” writer and co-creator Carly Glenn shared with SCREEN. “I had to keep pinching myself on set! What a cast. What a crew.” Let’s hear from the cast and crew, alongside a hearty serving of exclusive behind-the-scenes photos.

I Didn’t Mean to Go Mental centers on the unlikely story of two women, a 27-year-old just off her dad’s insurance and a working mom, who crash their cars into each other in a school parking lot and are forced to spend a weekend together in a psychiatric ward. The premise is inspired by the very different lives of Glenn and McIntyre. “It’s honestly just a very heightened version of some of the things we experience individually,” McIntyre says, “and it’s such a lovely, unlikely friendship that Carly and I just felt we had to put it in a script.”

Let’s Hear from the Cast

Co-Creator Carly Glenn plays the central role of “Marni.” The ensemble cast includes Katie Maringer, Matthew LaChapelle, Kroydell Galima, Isabel Ackerman, Will Daly, Kyra Pierce, Phallon Pierce, Mickey O’Sullivan, Jennifer Engstrom, Christopher Meister, Antoine McKay, Breon Arzell, Monette McLin, Skye Shrum, Kimberly M Vaughn, Jim McCance, Mo Shipley, Troy Susnis, Dennis Garcia, John O’Brien, Kat Zheng, Lanise Antoine Shelley, Lauren Herman, and pilot co-creator Amy McIntyre.

LaChapelle, who plays “Frankie,” spoke to SCREEN about his experience. “Being on set really mattered to me because playing the role of Frankie, where we share the same disability, was powerful. I realized ‘disability matters’ because everyone treated me as a person first, not just a person with Down’s Syndrome. I am glad to be here, glad to have Down’s Syndrome and the I Didn’t Mean To Go Mental team is my family.”

Other cast members were compelled to share their experiences on set with SCREEN as well, including twins Kyra and Phallon Pierce, aka The Pierce Twins. “We are super grateful to be part of such an amazing show. The cast and crew were so welcoming and super talented. They made set life extremely fun, and it felt like hanging out with friends and family.”

Before we meet the crew, here are some fabulous behind-the-scenes pics from Photographer Abbi Chase…

Meet the Crew and the Post Production Team

The buzz around the city has caught the eyes of many, including colorist Joni Brandenburg at The Mill, who has passionately signed on to partner with the project. “When I met Carly for the first time, I could feel all the energy she was giving to this project, and that was one of the things that I love the most; when you can feel the love and care that someone gives to a project.” Bradenburg says, “I was so excited to hear it from her,  and now I can’t wait to start adding color to this beautiful project.” 

The footage is currently in the hands of Mike Berg (best known for his efforts on the Showtime series Work In Progress), who was thrilled to sign on to edit. Director Layne Marie Williams reflects back on her time on set, “It was an absolute delight to work with incredible Chicago talent,” she says. “Our post production team is a powerful group of artists and it’s a thrill to work alongside such experts.”

In addition to Editor Mike Berg, the post production team includes sound design from NoiseFloor and will be composed by Craig J. Snider from Mixkitchen. 

“I would do this one thousand times a day, it’s just not fair that it’s over!” Glenn exclaims. Co-Creator Amy McIntyre says, “we are confident we have a show. We are confident we have a series.” The pilot is set to be completed by the fall and will be submitted to festivals and pitched to networks. Follow along on Instagram for updates @ididntmeantogomental

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And now, here is one final round of behind-the-scenes pics from Photographer Abbi Chase, followed by the full production team credit list…

Credits for I Didn’t Mean to Go Mental

Layne Marie Williams – Director

Carly Glenn – Writer/Creator/Executive Producer

Amy McIntyre – Creator/Executive Producer

Aimy Tien – Producer

Grace Hahn – Producer/Line Producer

Ashton Swinford – Unit Production Manager

Saró Melero Bonnin – 1st AD

Lua Borges – 2nd AD

Mike Knauer – 2nd2nd AD

Jessica Siletzky – Script Supervisor

Gigi Aquilina – Director of Photography

Austin Vinas – Steadicam

Doug Birch – 1st AC

Jeremy Borchers – 2nd AC

Giancarlo Arias – Ciccarelli DIT

Abbi Chase – BTS Photography

Matt Domingo – BTS Videography

Joseph Vnuck – Sound Mixer

Noelle Daniels – Boom Operator

Muizz Ogbara – Wardrobe

Kia Rowlett – Wardrobe Assist

Henri Mitchelle – HMU

Rene Morrell – HMU Assist

Lucinda Mandel – Production Designer

Ariella Khan – Set Dresser

Yon Ziebarth – Gaffer

Dagny Koehler, Gary Walker – Key Grip

William Westgaard, Dave Rundell – Best Boy

Quinn Pfitzer – Grip

Cindy Appleby – CCS

Sarah Clark Casting Director, Compass Casting

Eve Rosenthal Casting Associate, Compass Casting

The Mill – Color

Mike Berg – Editor

Craig J. Snider – Composer

Production Assistants: Sam Johnson, Zeko Nejron, Kat Williams, Mei Ling Marzonie. Franny Hill, Hugo Palacios, Lizz Evalen, Mercedes Marwood, Jas De Guzman

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