Photos from ‘I Don’t Dream in Spanish Anymore’ Table Read, Hosted by IFA Chicago and SAG-AFTRA

Behind every great film is a superb screenplay, and behind every superb screenplay is a tireless journey of drafts and rewrites… and of course, table reads. Produced in partnership with SAG-AFTRA Chicago, the IFA Chicago event series “At the Table” pairs completed scripts with professional actors for a table read and curated feedback session. This month, IFA Chicago and SAG-AFTRA welcomed Missy Hernandez and her script I Don’t Dream in Spanish Anymore. The evening featured 12 performers doing a live table read, an interview and discussion with Missy, and a reception afterwards. 

The SAG-AFTRA performers included Herb Lichtenstein, Sherry Legare, Yona Moises Olivares, Eddie Torres, Marilyn Camacho, Isabel Quintero, Charin Alvarez, Jessi Perez, Molly Hernandez, Fabian Guerrero, Debbie Banos, Beth Johnson.

I Don’t Dream in Spanish Anymore Writer-Director Missy Hernandez was joined by her producer Miguel Silveira to introduce and discuss the project.

Here are some photos from the evening, courtesy of IFA Chicago…

I Don’t Dream in Spanish Anymore centers on a scientist who must return to her roots to escape the horrors of an ancestral curse that threatens to kill her and her unborn child. The closer she gets to the truth of why her grandmother fled her homeland, the more danger she puts on herself and her pregnancy.

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